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To: All BuyBest customers (Facebook account need to be bound with BuyBest account)


Award rules:

We'll select the top 5/10/15 during the certain "Thumbs-Up" range. By the way, we'll announce the winners on our website and send you a message at the same time on 14th, April 2018.

How to check your gift:

Login-My Account-Shopping-My Coupon

About the expiration date:

1)Kit/MOD/Tank: 15th, April, 2018-21th, April 2018 (PST)

2) US$5.00 OFF Coupon: 15th, April, 2018-21th, April 2018 (PST)


1) According to our storage status, we may adjust the Kit/MOD/Tank to other products which have the same value.

2)The gift Kit/MOD/Tank can't be checked out with other products. And the "US$5.00 OFF Coupon" can only be used once and can't be used with other coupons at the same time.

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