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iMice X7 7D LED Gaming Mouse - Black

The X7- Dark Knight is based on the actual needs of gamers wot join the double-click to strengthen the fire-free key and the large finger support components.
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Price:USD 10.50
SKU: CO005003A
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Product Introduction

The X7- Dark Knight is based on the actual needs of gamers wot join the double-click to strengthen the fire-free key and the large finger support components.

LED Gaming Mouse


Ergonomics: Yes
Number of keys: 7
Transmission: Wired USB
Resolution: 800/1200/1600/2400DPI
Breathing light: LED dazzle breathing light
Size: 130*86*39mm

LED Gaming Mouse


• Ergonomic design: Large curved design, can effectively support the palm of the hand, decentralize palm pressure, left and right finger support components, reduce the mouse skid the situation.
• Double-click key: 1 click is equivalent to 2 times the left button, greatly improve the efficiency of operation, reduce finger fatigue caused by long-term keys.
• Four gear adjustable DPI 800/1200/1600/2400DPI. One key to automatically adjust, suitable for office and play games.
• One key to go forward or backward. "Forward, Backward" side keys, to avoid complex key operation.
• Colorful soft gradient breathing lights. Built-in colorful gradient breathing light, soft color, cool but do not hurt the eyes.

LED Gaming Mouse

packing list

• 1 x iMice X7 7D LED Gaming Mouse

LED Gaming Mouse

iMice X7 7D LED Gaming Mouse - 7

We had purchased this mouse initially for our teen as the optical colors were cool! However, after trying it out myself... we bought a second one to use in place of our Apple mouse! If the click, click, click of the mouse drives you crazy... give this one a try; truly quiet, soft touch control for left/right click options plus scroll wheel and more. It is very comfortable in hand, smooth glide and the changing optical colors make it soothing to work at the computer!

I bought this mouse because my hand felt like it wanted a bigger mouse; my ring finger and pinky needed support. This mouse did the trick, there is a place for each finger. And in spite of the price is a nice mouse as well. My first one performed flawlessly for 3 or 4 years of daily use, not bad for $10. Finally the left-click started getting a little unreliable when click-and-dragging. I might have been table to take it apart and clean it, but for $10 I ordered another one. It seems just as well made and the left-click works fine.

This mouse is excellent for starting gamers, or gamers trying to game on a budget. The chord for the mouse appears to be durable, but is shorter than most. I appreciated the shorter length for my personal set up, but if you are wanting something longer than 2.5 ft. then look elsewhere. Also this mouse does not come with downloadable software to make adjustments as necessary. The colors on the side remain permanently red, while the C for Comanro changes color based on the DPI setting. It has four settings each of which is switched by the DPI button. Two side mouse buttons which can be assigned for tasks. The scroll wheel is more precise and is stiff great for precision scrolling. I also appreciated the box it came in.

Excellent product for the price. Paid less than 8 bucks, and have been using it quite effectively for more than a year.

It's so good for the price. Plastics are not the best but feels quite nice. Rgb led combinations are a lot. All functions work properly, I can safely compare it with the Thermaltake tTesports Black Element and it surpasses it on quality, functionalities and price. I recommend it. It weights quite good and it's big enough to feel comfortable in hand

nulla da eccepire ottimo prodotto, la spedizione è stata veloce