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Vapeonly LF-1 Mini Office Speaker , Black

This Office Speaker is really compact and portable. It will bring enjoyabl music for you. Quality it high enough. It's an excellent gift for friends.
Market Price: USD 45.30
Price:USD 11.29
SKU: CE003079A
  • Black
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Product Introduction

Mini Office Speaker, which comes with light weight and small size to ensure easy storage, adopts high quality ABS material with solid construction to offer long service time. In addition, its fashion appearance and high tone quality make it attractive. It is very suitable for family party for other occasions.

Vapeonly LF-1 Mini Office Speaker  - 0


Color: Black
Weight: 275g
Sound track: 2.1
Input voltage: 3V
Port: USB
Connection: Wired
Shell material: ABS
Sound effect: Virtual surround sound, Line subwoofer, 3D surround

Vapeonly LF-1 Mini Office Speaker  - 2


• Excellent tone quality to let you enjoy music
• High quality ABS material with solid construction
• Fashion appearance and portable size
• Suitable for family party for other occasions

Vapeonly LF-1 Mini Office Speaker  - 4

packing list

• 1 x Vapeonly LF-1 Mini Office Speaker

Vapeonly LF-1 Mini Office Speaker  - 6

Order Tips

• Manual measurement, please allow some differences.
• There may be some differences of color because of light and screen.

Vapeonly LF-1 Mini Office Speaker  - 8

Sound is so loud and amazing that you have to lower the volume on your phone. Button features make it easy to skip, pause and go back with simple one press feature. For volume increase and decrease, just simply long press. I prefer this button set up because i don't want to long press just to go to the next track. Battery life is amazing. It has been a week since I had the need to fully charge it. I have 3 ppl using this speaker, including myself.

Excellent little speaker with great sound...sits on my desk and is ready whenever I want to listen to my favorite music on my iphone.

Received this last night and after a full evening of fiddling with it, I have determined I am quite happy with it. Here are some quirks I have found so far. These are not complaints, just observations about the personality of this particular product.

씨디 돌아가는 소음이 적어서 더 좋은 거 같아요, 제품 디자인 깔끔하고 음질도 괜찮아요 ^^

포장도 성의있게 해주시고 감사합니다 하자 없는 제품이라 다행이예요 잘 사용하겠습니다!

This speaker worked great for 1 month. By great, I mean it worked soundly for a total of 5-6 hours, which would take me a couple days to burn through, then it would die. Sound was great, size, convenience, bluetooth connection, etc

작동방법이 편합니다 배송도 빠르고 정다운 느낌이에요! 감사합니다

The sound is quite good for such a small speaker. No Bose rumbly bass, but better bass and clearer sound than I was expecting.

I LOVE this little speaker. Seems to last a long time for me, and the sound is good. I use it to listen to audiobooks or music when cleaning the house

got this as a gift for my niece - she is over the moon. told me it's so awesome and she's rocking it out in the bathroom now.

I gave this speaker five stars because for what it is, it does very well. It is not intended to be a Bose bluetooth system, it is a simple cheap device that you can throw in your backpack, have fun with and not shed a tear if it gets run over or suffers an existence failure. It does exactly what it is advertised to do and does it better than expected.

잠잘때 들어주면 좋을거 같아요, 이 가격대에 이 정도 사운드 갠찮네요,

스피커 잘 쓸게요. 포장이 잘 되여 손상없이 왔네요, 감사합니다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

요즘 이거로 트와이스 노래 듣고 있는데 엄청 좋아요

The things I have found that give this speaker five stars in my opinion are as follows: Battery life is indeed excellent. I played with this thing for three hours, paring to multiple devices, playing it as loud as it would go and generally making it's life difficult. The low charge indicator never went on.and the the sound is quite good for such a small speaker.

its amazing speaker I loved it . The sound is clear and it's what I expected. I would recommend it.This product is really great!