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Vapefly Firebolt Organic Cotton - Type A

As the best choice for DIY lovers, Vapefly Firebolt Organic Cotton adopts high quality material to ensure flavor.
Market Price: USD 12.87
Price:USD 6.18
SKU: V13600100A
  • Type A
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Product Introduction

Vapefly Firebolt Organic Cotton, which is an excellent choice for DIY lovers, will deliver perfect flavor and excellent throat hit to give you exquisite vaping experience. Why not have a try?

Vapefly Firebolt Organic Cotton - 0

packing list

Vapefly Firebolt Organic Cotton comes with:

• 1 x Vapefly Firebolt Organic Cotton

Vapefly Firebolt Organic Cotton - 2

Order Tips

• Quick link: Elite RDA.

The Vapefly Firebolt Organic Cotton gives you the best vaping experience. For the low price, it’s definitely a must for any rda/rta/rdta vapers. It’s possible to use one cotton piece to wick 2 coils in my geekvape zeus x rta. The taste is amazing, the clouds are even better. There is no weird or odd taste, it is exactly the flavour of your vape juice. I vaped with this cotton for about 9 days at 70W and then the taste started to diminish. I changed the coils and put some vapefly firebolt organic cotton in and it tastes amazing again. Also note, not all the cotton pieces are the same size, they vary a little bit, it’s not a big deal but some pieces were a little too small too wick, I tried wicking one and the juice kinda went straight through it and I would get spit back. I would like to see the cotton pieces individually wrapped or something that would prevent them from sticking together and breaking when trying to take them apart. I chain vaped a lot, so the cotton probably could’ve gone 2-3 weeks if I went a little easier on them, but with that said, this is an amazing purchase, it’s very affordable, amazing taste and awesome service from BuyBest. I tried finding this product cheaper somewhere else and I wasn’t able to. BuyBest had the cheapest price, free shipping and the best service compared to other stores. I received my package in 34 days with the free shipping option. I would definitely recommend this product and BuyBest.

Cotton wool Vapefly Firebolt Cotton is still the same organic cotton without foreign odors and impurities, able to withstand high temperatures and perfectly permeable liquid. But this time we have sliced “leaves”, which are equipped with caps. To stack such cotton wool will not make any complexity, and it is necessary to pass only cotton in a coil and to cut off superfluous. Please note that only half of the package is equipped with caps. The other half comes in classic slices. The package is equipped with a sealed lock, so you should not expect foreign odors, and contains 20 slices of 70 mm long (not including the cap). It is not necessary to use 1 slice for 1 replacement of cotton wool, and even more so do not need to use 1 slice for 1 coil, and all that is left after trimming can and should be used again. Cotton wool is prepared for a frame on 3.0 - 3.5 mm. A good choice for vaping.

Vapefly Firebolt Organic Cotten is simple and convenient to use. Premium organic cotton from Japan. It uses special technology to remove impurities and natural oils. You will get a truly fast and convenient wick, with the purest flavor and, best of all, without waste. You can re wick your coils in seconds. There is no need to measure and twist any more. I’m pleased with this cotton and BuyBest is still my favorite place for all my vape gear needs and more.

Hi everyone,Buybest Thanks for this free gift which I got by buying "225W SMOK MAG TC Kit with TFV12 Prince Tank". Here are some info on cotton. Organic cotton as you probably know it is defined as cotton that is grown organically in subtropical countries such as India, Turkey, China, and parts of the USA from non-genetically modified plants, and without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides. The reason you should buy organic cotton is because the non organic ones are made in a process that pollutes the water and the air. Lately I've been using a lot more rdas and rdtas than I used to for those of you who don't know what I am talking about here is a small explonation. These rdas and rdtas are tanks that list as rebuildable tanks. What are rebuildable tanks? Let me explain. As you probably already know how a normal coil change works (you just screw the coil out and popp a new one right in juice it up fill the tank up and good to go). In rebuildable tanks the whole thing that gives you cloud is made by you. The things you will need for this are: the right size screwdriver for the tank (which is probably included in the package), coils in this case are small steel pieces which are twisted around to make an O big enough to fit the cotton inside, and of course I revealed it you need cotton ( I kindly ask you to use organic cotton to make the earth a bit less littery and polluted ) So you put it together this way: Your base has holes based on the type of your tank you need two holes for each coil to fit both of the coils stem. You put the one stem in each hole then you screw it tight. If you done this than slowly burn it. Wait for it to cool. Here is where the organic cotton comes in you make a roll cut the ends than fit those remaining ends into the holes under the coil. Then juice it up and you're good to go. About coils tho' you can buy the already prepared or you can buy steel wire and twist it yourself. ( The second one is cheaper of course). It's harder than the normal sub ohm ones but it gives way more cloud and the taste of the non rebuildable atomizer is nowhere near this good. It takes some time to get used to but over time you'll realize you made the right decision it's better and cheaper. Plus If you both something in the right time you got a free cotton from BestBuy so they spared you some expense :D. The cotton that I got is a bit expensive if you have to buy it but it's very high quality gives a pretty clean and powerful taste for me it worked very well I have been using it with my zeus rta and vaporesso luxe mod.(about 80-100 w with 0.15 coils) For new buyers my opinion about this site is biased because I always use this site and I love it but if you snoop around a bit you'll see for yourself that you can't get a better deal than this. ( There are activities which can reduce the prices, sales, group discounts etc. ) Oh and the shipping is very fast looking at the fact that it comes from china. Thanks buybest again for the free cotton and thanks for the great site you maintain. See you at my next order Take care F.T.H

Hello guys! I was using my E cigarette which is called "225 Watt SMOK X Priv TC Kit with TFV 12 Prince Tank", Blue 8ml, which I also ordered from this great site. I had a Re buildable Tank atomizer (Rba), which I ordered a long long time ago from here, It was very cheap maybe five or six dollars, I cant remember the exact number because It was well ago. Re buildable Tank atomizer means, you do not have to buy coils to your tank, or anything like that, which costs a lot of money. You have to buy metal ( coil not the same coil that you order from sites, this is a DIY coil). thing which looks interesting, and hard to describe. So you have to buy that or you can buy a long wire, and you can make your self the coil also which I can advice you. Because of that much more cost effective, but it takes a little time but by the time you get used to it and it will not take a long time maybe five or ten minutes. And if you made the coil, or bought one you have to put organic cotton in to the whole which will soak up with liquid, and you will be able to "smoke" it. And also it give much much better flavors for you than the normal Coils which you buy from the internet. So I can recommend it to everyone to buy Tanks which has the option to use RBA things, which you can get also for Smok TFV 12 tanks, you can order that also from the site, on tfv 12 coils you have the option to buy RBA coil so you can use that to do it yourself (DIY) your coils next time. you get more clouds, and flavors. And it cost like fifteen cents to make one smoke able coil. So to get back to the story, I had the Re buildable tank atomizer which I couldn't use because I had no organic cotton, So I was not able to smoke from that tank. But once I ordered a vape "225 Watt SMOK MAG TC Kit with TFV 12 Prince Tank - Black and Red 8ml" they sent me an organic cotton by gift, so I made a coil fast. And I was very happy and thank full cause basically I got a tank from them cause I was not able to use that one since I had not organic cotton for it so it was worthless, until buy best sent me this one. I look forward to buy things from you, and this gift was very awsome. I did not expect this one. So I used this organic cotton, and It was very good, it was much better than other organic kinds of cotton. You are able to make bigger clouds and get a better flavor. So if you want to use this method which I explained I can recommand to you to buy this cotton which I received as a gift. If you are a D I Y lover this is your best choice. :) This is the name of the Organic Cotton : "Vapefly Firebolt Organic Cotton - Type A". Thank you buy best you could suprise me again and again, but in a good way. I am very happy. I am very thank full that I chose this website to buy a vape again. I am not disappointed with this site. But the shipping took longer then usual, It was like four or three weeks, which is not much if you compare it to other sites. And it also got stuck at the customs, which is not the sites fault. Thank you buy best that you have this great full site where I can shop weekly. Best regards,

So good for beginner.

Co tu komentować, bawełna super chłonna, dobrze oddaje smak, łatwo się układa. Dobra cena w stosunku do jakości. Polecam zakup. Podstawowe wyposażenie dobrego Wapera na zdjęciu What to comment here, super absorbent cotton, gives good taste, easy to lay. Good price in relation to quality. I recommend buying.Basic equipment of a good Waper in the picture

Super bawełna , bardzo dobry stosunek ceny do jakości, łatwo się układa , bardzo dobry transport płynu. Polecam

Fast shipping, original product, thank you buybest.

Was very happy to receive this free item

Rápido envío y la calidad es bastante buena.

products are safely arrived. Thanks!

Best cotton I've used. Will buy again.

Cotton is good, thanks for the gift

Cotton wool Vapefly Firebolt Cotton is still the same organic cotton without foreign odors and impurities, able to withstand high temperatures and perfectly permeable liquid.

Nice and easy to use vape cotton.

quality cotton wool! The soup is quick to drink and very durable. In addition, the taste is very good. The end of the shoelace lining for the 3as core makes it easy for the user. fantastic!

It's cotton! it works! not more to say.

perfect, 100% to recomend

It is a satisfactory product.