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  • best Power Bank with Case for iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus/7 Plus//7/6/6S - 10000mAh, White 5.5 Inch
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Power Bank with Case for iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus/7 Plus//7/6/6S - 10000mAh, White 5.5 Inch

This 10000mAh mobile phone power bank can be used to protect your iphone and also as a charger. It will make your phone beautiful and also full of energy!
Market Price: USD 29.00
Price:USD 13.82
SKU: PA002002D
  • White
  • Black
  • Rose Gold
  • Gold
  • 5.5 Inch
  • 4.7 Inch
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Product Introduction

This power case is for 4.7 Inch iPhone 6/iPhone 6S/iPhone 7/iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus/7 Plus. 10000mAh capacity will able able to charge your Iphone for 2 times. Best power case for travel.

Power Bank with Case for iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus/7 Plus//7/6/6S - 10000mAh - 0


Battery Type: Polymer Lithium-Ion
Suitable For Type: For Apple Iphone
Shell: Plastic
Additional: Multi-Port USB Output
Capacity: 10000mAh
Input Power: DC 5V-1A
Out Power: DC 5V-1A
Color: Gold, Rose Gold, Black, White, Red
Weight: 350g



• Brand new and high quality;
• Unique rechargeable design;
• Large capacity, super durable, more intelligent;
• Fast smart charging;
• Built in smart chip, multiple circuit protection;
• 5.5 Inch iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus/7 Plus; 4.7 inch for iPhone 6/6S/7
• Automatic power-off after full of electricity
• Hidden bracket
• Easy to carry, LED display available

Power Bank with Case for iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus/7 Plus//7/6/6S - 10000mAh - 3

packing list

• 1 x 10000mAh Power Case

Very good product, especially for the price. My battery life extended at least by 2 times if not more. Let the battery die or get very low before you charge it, for the first 2 or 3 times, and charge it to full. I tought that that kind of battery doesn't have memory bUT it turned out that it does. First time I used it the battery drained faster than one I was replacing. But second time I let it go very low and fully charing again it holds strong. The back cover fits very well, so does the protective case. For the price can't beat it.

I charge my phone at least 2x a day.) However, the long wires and the excessive weight of the power bank bothers me when I carry only my wallet as I have to walk around with a power bank in my hand, wires dangling around. For this reason, I decided to get a charging case. I was quite hesitant as I was afraid it would mess up my battery. However with this case, the battery can easily be turned on/off with a touch of a button so your battery isn’t messed with. The case was able to charge my phone 2x after a couple hours of charging, which is pretty standard.

The only downside is that if you have to plug in headphones or plug into car play with the lighting port, they will not work. I will mostly keep this case on my phone, and just plan on removing the case when I need to use headphones or car play. So, overall I would recommend this case.

Charging my phone now, seems to be faster than charger that came with phone. When charging this unit, just remember that due to its high capacity (20,000 mAh) it could take up to 10-11 hours to charge at standard 2.1A charge rate if totally discharged.

when you we are traveling everywhere and the battery goes weaker and weaker every second that passes… At least with this portable case charger I can be a little bit more relaxed knowing that if the words should come and I have no battery this would recharge it at least a full 100% two thumbs up

Pretty slick, I’ll tell you what! It does leave your screen less protected though, so definitely get a plexiglass protector. Otherwise it’s awesome

Does a great job charging a Note 4 2-3x's without it being charged in between (possibly able to charge the phone 5-6 times when phone is at 15-20%) Liking how it has blue LEDs for the battery life and when charging it'll blink indicating how many and which cells are charged/charging.

this battery case has been a great help. Between my battery and the case i acn go a couple of days without a charge. It is very durable, i have dropped it a couple of times and the phone survived unscathed :)!