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Pen Style Digital Food Thermometer - White

The Pen Style Digital Food Thermometer can meature Food and liquid. With the FDA top technology, high strength and good thermal strength, it is safe to use.
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Price:USD 7.73
SKU: HG001003A
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Product Introduction

The Pen Style Digital Food Thermometer can meature Food and liquid. With the FDA top technology, high strength and good thermal strength, it is safe to use.

Pen Style Digital Food Thermometer - 0


Material ABS + Stainless Steel
Color: White
Weight: 33g
The Machine Size: 21 X 200mm.
The Rod Length: 115mm
The Display Size: 22 X 9mm
Measurement Range: -50°C~300°C(-58℉ - +572℉)
The Temperature Measurement Accuracy: ± 1 DEG
The Temperature Resolution: 0.1 Degrees (0.1 Degrees F)
Battery Life: Approx. 200hours
Power Requirement: 1.5 Volt Battery

Pen Style Digital Food Thermometer - 2


• 100% Brand new and high quality.
• Food, liquid, granular objects can be measured.
• ℃ and ℉ can be displayed.
• Using FAD top technology, high strength, good thermal strength, good corrosion resistance, stability strong.
• Pen-type structure, full stainless steel probe, high accuracy, rapid temperature measurement.
• It can be used to test the temperature of the meat or bread which can make your cooking more convenient.
• Ideal for home or BBQ cooking.

Pen Style Digital Food Thermometer - 4

packing list

• 1 x Pen Style Digital Food Thermometer

Pen Style Digital Food Thermometer - 6

Order Tips

• Kindly Reminder: • The best water temperature for baby milk powder is about 50 degrees.
• The optimum temperature of baby milk is 37-42 degrees Celsius.
• Summer to bathe the baby the best water temperature is 37 degrees Celsius in winter for 39 degrees.
• Barbecue grill when the temperature is 75 degrees Celsius on behalf of the meat cooked!
• The optimum temperature is 80 DEG -85 DEG Chongcha.
• Soup class at 60 degrees -65 degrees Celsius when drinking the most suitable
• The optimum temperature of red honey water is 50 -60 degrees.
• Beer drinking in the summer to 6 degrees - 8 degrees Celsius is the most clear and pleasant, 10 degrees Celsius in winter - 12 when the most suitable.
• Fried seafood. Fried Seafood out of the pot temperature should be about 90 degrees Celsius, the temperature should be 70 degrees.
1. Please allow a little size error due to manual measurement.
2. Please be reminded that due to lighting effects and monitor's brightness / contrast settings etc, the color tone of the website's photo and the actual item could be slightly different.

Pen Style Digital Food Thermometer - 8

I wanted to replace an older digital thermometer when I became suspect of its accuracy. Turns out it was accurate, but I like this Harbor Instant one so much better! It is more compact and doesn't have a random probe that gets in the way during storage. It's easy to read, which is good so that I don't need to find my glasses to use it. And it's easy to find - not only is it red so it won't get lost in a drawer, but with the magnet, I can hang it on the refrigerator door or the range hood and have it easily accessible. Oh, and it registers a lot faster than my older thermometer. So far, no complaints.

seems to be pretty accurate. Wife accidentally dropped it in a sink full of water and there is some water behind the screen now, we let it dry out and it now just has some white film behind it. don't submerse it in water and you'll be fine. =)

I'm very pleased with this new meat thermometer. It reads accurately.

We are very pleased with our new meat thermometer. We received it quickly and have used it several times. It works perfectly and would recommend it.

I'm happy with my purchase. It sticks to the side of my fridge and stays put. The digital thermometer reads within a few seconds and I have no doubt about it's accuracy. As a bonus I used it to measure the output temperature of my central air conditioning and it seemed as accurate as an analog thermometer.

The company reached out to me and determined there was likely something wrong with the thermometer and quickly shipped me a replacement. The replacement works great and reads temperatures much quicker. Great service.

I don't cook without this handy thermometer. I like the hold feature because you can insert and press hold to make a quick read. Excellent digital thermometer for the price. Every cook needs one, and this is the best one to purchase.

The degree is accurate, I have checked with my previous thermometer.

The thermometer is wrapped safely, without any damage during delivery. Great site.

Since I have a baby, I need to buy kinds of gadgets, like this digital food thermometer.