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Limitless RDA Atomizer - Matt Black

Limitless RDA is a rebuildable dripper atomizer which features 3-post design, deeper juice wells and large gauged holes. Moreover, the innovative AFC lets you to cool your coils from bottom or top. Various colors for selection.
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SKU: L01200101A
  • Matt Black
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Product Introduction

Limitless RDA is a 3 piece design with the 2 negative posts milled into the deck with an undercut under the negative posts to give you more wicking room and building space. The positive post is made of solid brass for maximum conductivity with a large rectangular window for easy building and large wire gauges. The positive post is also a square design that lowers into the deck to eliminate your posts from spinning when building. The The Limitless Atty has an innovative AFC (air flow control) feature where you have 3 large holes to adjust your desired airflow to cool your coils from the bottom, or you can invert your cap upside to fully open up the airflow to maximum airflow and cool your coils from the top. 6 colors.

Limitless RDA Atomizer  - 0

Limitless RDA Atomizer  - 1

• 3-post design
• True square center post with window for flat builds
• Square insulator
• Brass center post
• Copper pin
• Innovative O-ring to secure pin
• Machined in negative posts
• Large holes to accommodate all gauges
• Undercut for additional cotton
• Large Phillip screws
• Deep juice well
• 4 airflow adjustments
• First of its kind flippable cap for airflow
• Limitless sleeve designs
• Chuff style cap

Limitless RDA Atomizer  - 2

Limitless RDA Atomizer  - 3

• 1 x Limitless RDA atomizer
• 1 x Spare parts poly-bag

Limitless RDA Atomizer  - 4

Limitless RDA Atomizer  - 5

• It's made in the USA.
• It doesn't come with e-juice.
• Rebuildables are for experts, not for average or beginner vapers with no knowledge of how to rebuild atomizers. These materials cannot safely be used by the inexperienced or those without basic knowledge of electronics.

Limitless RDA Atomizer  - 6

Limitless RDA Atomizer is one very good vape device, all works well and now I use it every day!!

Die E-Zigarette Erfahrung ist sauber, einfach und kompakt. Ich bin sehr beeindruckt von der Qualität des eKaiser Limitless.