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G&T QS-1 Laser Pens, Green

G&T QS-1 Laser Pens, which adopts one button to ensure easy operation, can point at the desired targets as you want clearly. In addition, it can be used as whip, indicator and etc.
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SKU: HG006089B
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Product Introduction

G&T QS-1 Laser Pens, which adopts one button to ensure easy operation, can point at the desired targets as you want clearly. In addition, it can be used as whip, indicator and etc. The compact size and light weight ensures easy holding and durable material can offer long service time. An excellent choice for businessman, teacher and etc.

G&T QS-1 Laser Pens 1


Color: Blue, Green, Red
Weight: 22g(Red/Blue), 28g(Green)
Size: 14 x 160mm
Material: Metal
Circuit Control: APC Line
Working voltage: DC 3V
Working temperature: 20C - 30C
Storage temperature: 10C - 40C

G&T QS-1 Laser Pens 2


• One button for easy operation
• Point at the desired targets as you want
• Can be used as whip, indicator and etc
• Compact size and light weight for easy holding
• Durable material for long service time

G&T QS-1 Laser Pens 3

packing list

• 1 x G&T QS-1 Laser Pens

G&T QS-1 Laser Pens 4

G&T QS-1 Laser Pens 5

Simply wanted a relatively inexpensive green laser for our steadily widening kitty. Extremely pleased — this was the ideal laser for our needs despite the unbelievably low price. As many have said, just remove the attachment for a simple laser dot. (Not the brightest laser ever, but that makes makes it perfect for pets. Our kitty also enjoyed the kaleidoscopic patterns created by the attachments. In addition — who knew the additional multitool whistle would also be cute, clever and just plain fun to have? Delighted with purchase!!

I love the laser, and even though it’s a couple bucks more than a few different lasers, it’s definitely worth the price, I paid the extra 9 bucks for same day shipping and it came on time... Charges really fast and easy to do, the laser itself is what earns my 5 star rating because it’s super bright and you truly can see the laser beam even in a lit room, but seeing the beam at night is so much cooler.

G&T QS-1 Laser Pens is really fits me, and it's so easy to operate, one botton design is so wonderful.

G&T QS-1 Laser Pens is so tiny, I carry it in my pocket. It's not heavy at all,

G&T QS-1 Laser Pens is so good, it's material is durable, and I can use it for a long time

The laser pointer arrived promptly and sends out a strong beam. I use it for pointing out constellations and where astronomical objects are in the sky at public observing sessions. One thing to remember is to fully charge the battery when it arrives. It didn’t seem to work after several hours of charging but but has been working great since changing it over night.

This is every bit as powerful as the description says. In complete daylight I can point this thing out our back door (glass) and into the yard and see the green dot more than 150 yards away on a tree and at night it will point so far I have to get the binoculars to find the dot!

Wanted a rechargable laser for presentations and my cat. This is perfect for both.

First off, it's very powerful - that's the important part. I bought it for instructional purposes, but it is too strong for comfortable indoor use on PowerPoints. It is, however, excellent for outdoor instruction, like tours. It also is useful for scaring crows away from my pool cover to prevent poked holes.

I use this all the time at work for presentations. Can be clearly seen throughout a movie theater venue on a movie screen size projector.