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KOTION EACH G4000 Headset - USB Version, Black/Yellow

KOTION EACH G4000 Headset - USB Version adopts LED lights designed on the earcups, make it look more fashionable and stunning.
Market Price: USD 55.00
Price:USD 26.68
SKU: GH010212A
  • Black/Yellow
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Product Introduction

KKotion EACH G4000 USB Stereo Gaming Headphone Headset Headband with Microphone Volume Control LED Light for PC Game

KOTION EACH G4000 Headset - USB Version - 0


KOTION EACH G4000 Headset - USB Version - 1


• USB Gaming Headset for PC, Laptop.
• Primary kind of gaming headset, perfect for playing games, listening music, etc.
• Delivers clear sound and Deep Bass for Real Game.
• Soft cushion head-pad and ear-pad, as well as adjustable length hinges guarantee hours of gaming comfort.
• Flexible microphone for exact positioning, and mic with great sensitivity at picking up sounds, your partner can hear your words clearly.
• LED lights are designed on the earcups, make it look more fashionable and stunning.
• Little smart in-line Remote Control for sound volume, LED light and microphone.

KOTION EACH G4000 Headset - USB Version - 3

packing list

• 1 * Headphone


Order Tips

• Manual measurement, please allow some differences.
• Please allow some differences of color because of light and screen.
• Quick link:

KOTION EACH G4000 Headset - USB Version - 6


For those who experience a static mess of a microphone, prepare to be surprised: So, for starters, these things have some incredible sound quality, by far the BEST headphones I have ever owned. Nice and bass filled, as well as VERY high quality! For the microphone: I plugged it into my tower and it ear raped everyone including myself with insane static sounds. I went ahead and plugged it into my laptop running off of a battery and found the issue. What is the issue? Electric currents are being sent into your microphone jack and is being picked up by your microphone as audible sound. Maybe a splitter or something would fix this, or if you could somehow prevent the electric current from directly entering your microphone jack. By experience with the microphone on my laptop, it has some amazing sound quality too!

My son asked me to buy this head set for him, and it works great and It is clear and comfortable. Only down side that I found was that it does not work on the front audio ports of my pc. The pc does not even install any drivers for it, there for it does not get recognized as if they were a headset. But being that the price was chopped in half and having used them and played games and listen to youtube thru them, plus my son loves them. So I found no good reason why to return them. The headset is more like a generic sound speaker that your system recognizes as speakers and not headset.

for the price they are the best headphones I've ever had. Really good bass and the microphone tho not adjustable is really good quality as long as you don't have microphone boost on in settings. They come with features you wouldn't expect on like the wires have a cloth coating on them and the speakers have lights.They also have a very sturdy high quality feel and are very comfortable. for those wondering it works with windows and has 3 connections 1 audio out (mic) 1 audio in (headphones) and a USB that is not necessary that turns on the lights.

I bought one for my boyfriend after his cheap 20 dollar best buy head set broke, it's amazing! The head set is comfortable, very sound proofing, the sound quality was better than my headset, the mic sound quality is also fine, and it's just plain cool looking. Another noteworthy thing, the cord is coated with something I can only think to describe as shoe lace material instead of just having the bare rubber coated wire, that was a pleasant surprise. After I listened to the sound quality of the ones I bought for my boyfriend I decided to buy my own. Definitely worth the money and it only took a couple days to arrive.

Great inexpensive gaming headset. Purchased for 10 year old grandson. They definately cancel outside noise and are comfortable on his head and ears. There are two plugs, one each for the headset the other for the mic. If you only have one port that is dual mic/headset you will need an adapter.

This was the best purchase we made for our 4 yr old! We just traveled from the US to the UK and these headphones worked perfectly. Easy to pair. The battery lasts a really time (lasted the entire 8+ hr flight!

.The headset is amusingly awsome one i get the one with only usb connector that means 3 in 1 usb headset mic nd lights..so its pretty handy.But the only drawback is you cant connect the headset with phone!! After all a awsome product!..

USB Surround Sound Computer Gaming Headset: Plug and play, high precision 50mm driver, surprisingly crisp and clear simulated 7.1 sound. Good volume and bass sound, bring you vivid sound field, sound clarity, sound shock feeling, capable of various games. Adjustable vibration mode is a cool effect as well and add to the immersive game experience.

This headset is wonderful and provides a top quality for gamers of all games and competitive gamers alike, the comfort and noise canceling that this headset provides is top of the line and it is more than worth it for the price i highly reccomend all red dragon products if your looking to game competitively or casually.