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Headphone Hanger Headphone Holder - Black

As long as the width is between 14mm to 48mm, you can use the hook there steadily. The cushion cover not only can protect the surface but also can help to fix the hanger better.
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Price:USD 20.04
SKU: CE005024A
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Product Introduction

It was a good choice. I have a small tall thin shelf that these fit right into. Each shelf has room for two. I can hang all eight and still get to the stuff stored on the shelf.I found that most desks and tables have a ridge you cannot get the clamp around. So only get this if you intend to use it with shelving. I'll keep looking for one that would work for those but I doubt I will find anything.

I ordered this for my boyfriend who plays videogames. He has headphones that constantly fall off the table because the wires get wrapped around his chair’s arm rest. These headphones have a clip by the way which he attaches to his leather desk pad but it still manages to get pulled. This literally happens every day.. This finally came in the mail and so I gave it to him. He used it right away and so far so good. No headphones falling or being in the way on the computer table.

ㅎㅎ잘 받았어요, 잘 쓰겠습니당 꾸벅~

This is the headphone hanger you're looking for. Good quality material and 3M adhesive holds my moderate true-surround sound headphones (Tritton 5.1, with 8 speakers indulging my ears) securely to one of the inside legs of my desk. Out of the way but in easy reach.

A great relationship with my wall,lol. Is acrylic feels sturdy and comes with 2 3m stickys. Super fast shipping Got here the next day and it was nicely packaged wrapped in plastic and inside a brown box. Nothing but Great. 

상품주문할땐 거치대 역활을 제대로 할지 몰라서 우선 1개만 주문했는데 받아보고 넘 대 만족입니다. 접착력도 굿이고 생각보다 짱 튼튼하게 잘 받쳐지더라구요~~ 색상도 넘 이쁜 민트색으로 정말 맘에 듭니다. 아이들것도 더 주문하려구요~~

This is just what I needed. Holds 2 headphones depending of the thickness of the headpiece. Easy to install. Holding up great so far.

Before I've found this I've always used the tiny stick-on hanger from Walmart to hang my headphone which is not very effective. I'm glad I found this hook. It stays on nicely. The instruction says not to hang anything for a day to ensure it won't fall but it stays on pretty good even right after.

i loved it because, i don't see the slightest damage to the headband, a small worry I had. Nother has fallen off, despite four cats who would like to play with them. Easy to install, remove or just move. If you really worry about stress on the headband, get use two at once.

거치 잘돼구요 오래 갈듯해요 ㅋㅋㅋ 많이 파세요

고민 많이 하고 구매했는데 너무너무 편하고 좋아요^^

지난번에 이어 두번째 구매합니다. 작지만 구실을 다 해줍니다 ㅋㅋ

제품 잘 받았어요~ 생각보다 튼튼하네요 감사합니다.

These are fantastic to me, really worthy shopping

I won't worry about messing up with the wires any more