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  • best GeekVape Ammit 25 RTA Atomizer Tank - 5ml/2ml, Blue
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GeekVape Ammit 25 RTA Atomizer Tank - 5ml/2ml, Blue

GeekVape Ammit 25 RTA is a single coil rebuildable tank atomizer focusing on better flavor and bigger vapor production. SS, Black can only be shipped from Japan, 3-7 days fast delivery, zero customs duties!
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Price:USD 26.28
SKU: G01201711D
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Product Introduction

GeekVape Ammit 25 is one of the best single coil RTAs with 25mm diameter and max 5ml tank capacity. It adopts enhanced three-dimensional airflow that coil gets airflow from three different directions. The Ammit 25 RTA has a new dual-post build deck, making the single coil building easier. It comes with a delrin 510 drip tip and an 810 drip tip adapter. GeekVape Ammit 25 RTA will delivers remarkable flavor and massive clouds. You can also buy Ammit 25 dual coil version at Buybest.

Note: SS, Black can only be shipped from Japan, 3-7 days fast delivery, zero customs duties!

GeekVape Ammit 25 RTA 1


• 25mm diameter
• Enhanced 3D airflow system from 3 different directions for extreme flavor and bigger vapor production
• All new build deck makes single coil building easier,also supports larger coils
• Two tank capacity options of 2ml & 5ml
• Additional 810 compatible top cap included (exclude 810 drip tip)

​GeekVape Ammit 25 RTA 3


Ammit 25 RTA
• Drip Tip Height: 10 mm
• Drip Tip diameter: 15mm
• Height: 38 mm (thread and drip tip excluded)
• Diameter: 25mm
• Capacity of tank: 2ml / 5ml
• Color: Silver, Black, Blue, Gold

GeekVape Ammit 25 RTA 2

packing list

• 1 x GeekVape Ammit 25 RTA

​GeekVape Ammit 25 RTA 4

packing list

• 510 Thread
• Rebuildables are for experts, not for average or beginner vapers with no knowledge of how to rebuild atomizers.

​GeekVape Ammit 25 RTA 5

GeekVape Ammit 25 RTA Atomizer Tank - 5ml / 2ml, Black It comes pre-installed with the 2 ml glass. It is of high quality construction of good and well-processed materials. Comes in a very tight box. The box contains: 1 x Geekvape Ammit 25 RTA 1 x pre-installed bottle of 2 ml 1 x 5 ml replacement bottle 1 x expansion glass adapter 1 x 810 peak adapter for drip 1 x set of replacement gaskets 1 x screwdriver Geekvape Ammit 25 I'm a big fan of single spool tanks, I was very excited. I also like the fact that it keeps the liquid and the energy of the battery, while offering a great flavor of flavor. I am 25 responding to all expectations. Ammit 25 comes with 2 drop tips. It also comes with two tip caps, one for one for each taste, a drop type 810 and the other for the tip 510 tip spikes. Both top caps and a lightweight platform high. The inside of both caps is well worked and made very well. Liquid filling holes are huge. They will accommodate any type of liquid bottle, including thicker tips. The threads inside the chimney are doing very well. Ammit can be converted into two versions, one small in size up to 2 ml, and Ammit comes in the box. They also include a 5 ml expansion glass with an expansion glass adapter. I used it a couple of times in 2 ml mode but I have to be honest and say that there is too little liquid for me and need refilling too often and the time to digest too small I prefer the much larger 5m corresponds perfectly to my dying needs. The base is 25mm and has beautiful coulters on it. There are two air slots. Some that allow the air to pass under the resistance and another that strikes the foil well from the sides giving a good and intense aroma, the air is adjusted very well and easily. At the bottom of the base there is a brand. Ammit 25 also has a gold-plated pivot 510 that is adjustable and does not go far beyond the base line. The base is very well made and finished with good threads and a big plus does not curr. On the base builds a very light resistance. Geekvape Ammit 25 The cylinder does not have the most conical design, but has control of juice flow. Control of juice flow has no stops and is centrifuged. I have not had any problems with Ammit 25. The bridge on Ammit 25 is the real star of the show. There is only one bobbin with 2 bridges. One of the posts has an opening so you can slide your coil from the side and the other has no opening. There is a lower airflow located directly under the bobbin, as well as on the sides of the station. There are three air holes on the lateral side of the column that give you lateral airflow and work together with the lower airflow directly beneath the coil. The thread on the deck is extremely smooth. The gripping ports are of good size and handle very well with a single bobbin. The deck itself will accept a single large bobbin and there is plenty of space in the port to put your cotton on. So far, we ran a 3.0 mm ID bobin there without any problems. I have plenty of space. I'm pretty confident I could fit a 4mm coil there if I wanted to. The construction and escape of Ammitt 25 is really quite easy. Geekvape seems to have thought about everything he designed this package. As I said in the previous section, one of the open posts is wide open and the other one has side access. The way you embrace Ammit 25 is that you first put the resistance in the closed part, then slide the other end of the resistance to the other post with its open end. You center your coil well, then tighten the pipes, cut the surplus wire out the hotspots and you are ready to put your bunch that should not move too tight or too weak. One tip is that you have to make sure resistance is as close as possible to the bottom. So you get the best flavor. You need a good pair of wire cutters, the wire should be cut as close as possible to prevent it from touching the bellows resistance of the atomizer so as not to make a short cut. Wicking is pretty easy as well. Geekvape gives you a big port to use. I would suggest that you puff the cotton well enough for him to take up all the space in the wicker port. We recommend that you take care and position your cotton in the wicker port, making sure you do not enter it. Filling the cotton with liquid will help the liquor stream and lead to a good food supply. I want to register now saying that I think Geekvape Ammit 25 is one of the best available RTAs today. . While both are large RTAs, I should give Geekvape Ammit 25 advantage but I am extremely close, due to the quality of construction or anything, but because the airflow on Ammit 25 is just more restrictive than the airflow on. I like a restrictive flow of air on a single RTA coil. I think that makes the pop flavor and that Geekvape Ammit good. The airflow keeps it open half way by quarter. I think this tank has the perfect combination of airflow that maximizes the flavor you can get in a single RTA resistance. Not only does Geekvape Ammit 25 have a fantastic flavor, but it is also a product that makes the clouds fairly large. , most people do not think I'm eating on a single RTA coil under 50 watts. That's how it works well with Ammit 25. It will give you a muddy, satisfying water while at the same time allowing you to save your liquid and battery life. At the moment, I have a balancer in a Alien v2 ni coil, which is 3.5 ohms away. I have the power set at 55 watts and I have amazing clouds and taste. This is such a satisfying vampire that you will think you are vaping on a double RTA coil. Capacity is great, and while this does not succumb to succulent taste, it does not go anywhere near the amount of juice I would pass if I had two of the same coils in a double coil. If you are a double coil vapor and never tried a single coil RTA, I would suggest you try Ammit 25. In fact, it can make a believer come out of you. If you are like me and think that single-coil RTA with lower and lateral airflow offers a superior flavor, then Ammit 25 is a must for. You may be a new constructor who wants a simple deck experience. Give Amit 25 a try. It's just a quality tank that offers a fantastic aroma, dense, beautiful steam. A note about pros and cons. These are my pros and cons. They are very subjective. What a professional can be for me could be a cone to you and vice versa. Pro: Good threads Very good workmanship One flavor Dense steam clouds Great filling port 2 size configurations Compatible with TPD 2 tips for drip 810 and 510 compatible Smooth airflow Great place for pay wire or exotic coils Lower and lateral airflow Versus: Nothing Specifications: • 25mm diameter • Enhanced 3D airflow system from 3 different directions for extreme flavor and bigger vapor production • All new build decks make single coil building easier, also supports larger coils • Two tank capacity options of 2ml & 5ml • Additional 810 compatible top cap included (exclude 810 drip tip) Ammit 25 RTA • Drip Type Height: 10 mm • Drip diameter: 15mm • Height: 38 mm (thread and drip tip excluded) • Diameter: 25mm • Capacity of tank: 2ml / 5ml • Color: Silver, Black, Blue, Gold My order came quickly well packed at a safe price good, the seller worked well and helped me with good advice I will come back to buy from this store dearly. Thanks BuyBest team!

Great for building different style coils. Smooth air flow. Another great product from Geekvape!

The Ammit 25 RTA gives me great vaping.

Easy build, good quality, large liquid capacity and great flavor!

GeekVape Ammit 25 RTA is my best RTA for ever. You won't regret owning one!

Honestly, Ammit 25 is the best single coil RTA I’ve ever owned.