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  • best G&T YS-1 Fingerprint Lock, Black
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G&T YS-1 Fingerprint Lock, Black

Fingerprint Lock comes with IP65 water resistance performance. It will bring smart life for you. Just take it.
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SKU: HG014005A
  • Black
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Product Introduction

Fingerprint Lock, which can contain 2 fingerprints, is a smart fingerprint recognizer with quick response. Actually it can b used to lock bag, door, luggage and etc. In addition, it adopts 3mart fingerprint recognizer with quick response and USB charge brings convenient using. Besides, it comes with IP65 water resistance to ensure long service time. Please don’t miss this perfect gift.

G&T YS-1 Fingerprint Lock - 0


Color: Black
Weight: 213g
Scan time: 3s
Fingerprint storage capacity: 2
Working humidity: 1%
Plug times: 10000


• Smart fingerprint recognizer with quick response
• 300mAh battery to work up to 2 years
• IP65 water resistance for long service time
• USB charge for convenient using
• Wide using range that can lock many things

G&T YS-1 Fingerprint Lock - 3

packing list

• 1 x G&T YS-1 Fingerprint Lock

G&T YS-1 Fingerprint Lock - 5

Order Tips

• Manual measurement, please allow some difference.
• Please allow some differences of color because of light and screen.

G&T YS-1 Fingerprint Lock - 7

This is a sturdy lock, which is the most important thing about it! It seems have the strength of the kind of padlock you would use on a locker, so it is not super heavy duty, but it should hold up well. The programming is a little unclear in the instructions, but i did get it working after a few tries. The key steps seem to be correctly stated, but the light doesnt do exactly as expected. So, for your first time, hold your finger for three seconds, then release. Pause to see that the light has changed, then press ten times to capture your fingerprint.

The Fingerprint Lock becomes my son's toy... Lock, unlock; lock, unlock ....

I always love to explore interesting and fancy product, then I found this smart lock. I am able to follow the instruction to set up the smart lock, and never need to bring my keys or remember the password, which I found very useful especially when I go to gym/swimming. I need to recharge per week, but it is ok with me.

Works very well. I purchased a similar lock from another company and it was faulty. I like that the packaging is completely sealed to avoid tampering and keeps the product protecting. Setting the lock is very straight forward and easy. I highly recommend this lock.

Nice quality lock, the fingerprint is very sensitive.

Besides taking a few presses to recognize my tumbprint typically, both locks have been working well, outdoors in direct sun for about a month without having to recharge or anything.

Bought as a gift. When we visited, I was pleased to see it installed and easy to use at the location it was bought for. Recommended for any location where you need to keep a spare key safely.

like this fingerprint lock, the instructions for setup is simple, it can record 10 fingerprints in total and the product is not expensive

It's pretty solid lock. Very fantastic experience with this. I loved it and really recommended

Biometric Padlock - sturdy design and easy to use. I boght it for use at my gym and no longer have to worry about loosing a key in the swimming pool. only 1s to unlock it with my fingerprint

I bought a few of these for family and friends and they work wonderfully. The code is easy to set by following the instruction manual, and the box is made of high-quality materials and feels sturdy. Considering it has a lifetime warranty, this is pretty much a no brainer purchase and a great gift for anybody you know. Keep up the good work Global Products!

I have just changed gyms and needed a padlock. These are super cool! I am not afraid someone will see my combination, just a touch and I am in! Super futuristic, super cool! Was easy to set up also!