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  • best CARRYS Green Subohm Tank - 4ml, Silver
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CARRYS Green Subohm Tank - 4ml, Silver

Featuring the innovative G1 coil, the Carrys Green Tank is a unique sub ohm tank with 4ml e-juice capacity and 24.5mm diameter. Together with easy top filling and adjustable bottom airflow, the Green tank will bring you a great vaping experience with pure flavor.
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SKU: C02200711B
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Product Introduction

The Green tank by Carrys is an innovative subohm tank with unique green color and cheaper price. The Carrys Green adopts a revolutionary G1 coil head with food-grade coil sleeve and o-rings to brings great flavor with without any residual taste. Together with easy top filling, adjustable bottom airflow and convenient plug-pull style coil structure, Carrys Green Tank provides a simple and magic vaping for you.



Size: 24.5mm x 55mm
Capacity: 4ml
Coil: G1 0.5ohm Coil (30 - 80W)
Thread: 510 thread
Color: Black, Green, Steel

CARRYS Green Subohm Tank - 4ml - 1


• Cheap price
• Easy to use
• Environmental protection
• Food grade silica gel
• Plug-pull style coil structure for easy replacing
• Compatible with EC cores (with optional accessory, not included)

CARRYS Green Subohm Tank - 4ml - 3

packing list

• 1 x Green Tank with 0.5ohm G1 coil
• 1 x Silicone airflow-control ring
• 1 x User Manual

CARRYS Green Subohm Tank - 4ml - 5

Order Tips

• You can select the e-juice here.
• You can buy the replacement G1/F2/F3 coils in HG.
• The silicone test report of Green Tank.

CARRYS Green Subohm Tank - 4ml - 7

Dear Buybest, I was realy satasfied with you again. I can't emphasize enough how great of a company/website you are.Your prices are amazing the look of your website is amazing your shipping time too.That's just it you are great. That is the reason why I thought of you right away when I was searching for a new tank for my mod. I was looking around for a longer period of time like a week or two than one night I was bored and I was like okay I order the cheapest one to just have something in a cheaper price range just to use for liquid mixing and stuff althought I should have bought an rda for that. So back to the night, I ordered it. Waited a few days got it in the mail when I opened it it looked pretty great at first. The box seemed a bit cheap but the product itself wasn't a fortune either that's why I wasn't shocked or dissapointed. Okay there I am popped it out of the box just holding it in my hand taken a great look at it it has silicone in a lots of places to not leak a bit ugly with my mod but it didn't and still don't realy matter to me. So I'm holding a very strange green with a metalic finish colorway tank. That's when I noticed it has a rubber wrapped coil I'm not gonna lie it was pretty strange. I wasn't that psyched about it but I had no other option so I put it on the mod. The mod couldn't measure the resistence (Ohm) of the tank. I took me several times to get it calibrated and running. I put some liquid in beforehand this whole little operation. So it was soaked enough already (before somebody says it was the problem). I took a big hit from it. I have to say at first it wasn't bad it was rather enjoyable but as I was vaping it for a bit of time it started to taste awful and disconnected many times. Tried to wash the coil.(It wasn't easy to get it out thought because of the silicone) It tasted the same. I tried the liquid in my old small vape pen. Didn't taste bad it was a great branded liquid so It wasn't suppose to be anyways. So again I tried to mess with the tank change the coil etc. Didn't work. But that's not realy the only problem but certainly the worst. There are some smaller ones like you can't change the glass because it's glued in it and as soon as you take of it anyways and put it back without glue it makes your life a living hell when you try to fill in some liquid because you can't get the lid of only if you hold it together. Spilled so many mls of liquid out because of this. The drip tip is also very annoying because of it's material it always slips out of it's place and fall on the ground. I'd like to I really do want to recommend this tank to everybody but that low price point is there for a reason you have to pay a bit more to get a decent tank. I suppose I can recommend it to physical workers who are working in construction sites because of it's low price you don't mind breaking it as much as you would something way more expensive. I'm satasfied with the service but not realy with the product I realy like this website and I plan on countinuing using it. I might start with buying a new tank. Thanks anyways Take care A regular customer

Geschmacklich finde ich CARRYS sehr mild und angenehm. Das Produkt stellt dieses vollkommen zufrieden.

great tank for the price, super awesome, I will recommend.