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  • best 220W Vaporesso LUXE Mod 2-inch Touch Screen, Green
  • 220W Vaporesso LUXE Mod 2-inch Touch Screen, Green-1
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220W Vaporesso LUXE Mod 2-inch Touch Screen, Green

Vaporesso LUXE TC Mod comes with 2-inch full-view TFT touch screen, advanced OMNI-Board 4.0. Rainbow, Bronze, blue can only be shipped to Japan address, 3-7 days fast delivery, zero customs duties!
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SKU: V02402711E
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Product Introduction

Vaporesso LUXE TC Mod, which is powered by dual 18650 batteries to fire up to 220W to deliver massive cloud, comes with 0.001s firing speed and 2-inch full-view TFT Touch screen for easy operation. In addition, several kinds of protection ensure high performance and advanced OMNI-Board 4.0 with 2.5A quick charge saves your time.You will like it.

Rainbow, Bronze, blue can only be shipped from Japan, 3-7 days fast delivery, zero customs duties!

220W Vaporesso LUXE Mod 2-inch Touch Screen   Color Schemes

Battery: Dual 18650 batteries (NOT INCLUDED)
Wattage: 5-220W
Screen size: 2 inches
Charge time: 1.5h

• Powered by dual 18650 batteries to fire up to 220W
• 2-inch full-view TFT Touch screen
• 0.001s firing speed
• Several kinds of protection to ensure high performance
• Advanced OMNI-Board 4.0 with 2.5A quick charge
• Seven colors for selection

• 1 × LUXE Mod 
• 1 × USB cable
• 1 × User Guide

• Three-month warranty for LUXE Mod.
• No battery.
• Quick link: Vaporesso LUXE TC Kit

The mod is very beautiful, fully functional and with all options and settings. When I saw this mod from a friend, I decided to buy such a mod myself, and I was very right. If you really try to find something not quite convenient in this mod, then this is what makes it easy to get dirty. It's just made for vape aristocrats. And the rest - a large (huge) informative screen, all the necessary (and not) settings, conveniently lies in the hand and thanks to two batteries you can put any atomizer on it. I am very pleased, strongly recommend it for purchase and will definitely recommend it to all my friends.

La box est tres facile d'utilisation, en tcr comme en wattage. En plus elle est tres jolie. J'avais peur du fait que ce soit tactile, finalement c'est super pratique. Beaucoup plus intuitif avec le superbe ecran .La box Luxe elle est étonnante techniquement. Elle met à portée de tous des fonctions et une technologie autrefois réservée aux mods high-end et en plus, ça marche. Il y a plein de fonctions qu’on n’utilisera pas probablement mais le mod est assez agréable en main. le chipset vous guide en affichant des icônes et messages pour vous aider.fonçé!!!

Dear Buybest, As always I'm realy greatfull for your services. Which includes the speed of the shipping which is incredible it was 10 days maybe a bit less but just think about it 10 days is not a long time I have ordered from other sites it took them nearly 30 days to ship. I used a coupon on this item which I got from a previous review writing so I just saved money for telling my honest opinion about great products. I was getting annoyed and unsatisfied with my old little stick vape so I thought to myself I need a a change of pace. I instantly went to my favourite site which is of course buybest. I was sure that I would find what I was looking for on this site. After about an hour of looking my heart settled on this mod it looked good a bit futuristic a bit unique. So in my opinion it's basically the Iphone of the mods. Popped it into my basket used a coupon payed for got to my house in 10 days so just the basic process. Opened the postage packaging that was suprisingly small the mod's box was just as small as it can be. I was nervous I was thinking "was I delivered a wrong package ?" but the answer was no it was just that tiny. It contained everything which is: One LUXE 220W Mod One MicroUSB Cable One User Guide One Warranty Card The mod itself looked so amazing but so fragile that I was afraid to hold in my hand. The one that I oredered has a fade metallic curly edge which goes well with my fade tank the side cover has a star on it which looks way better than on pictures it has a glossy finnish. The button is a bit more clicky than I thought I figured it would be like an iphone home button very smooth but it's a vape what was I expecting ? :D The mod has some features like: Variable wattage modes (VW-H/VW-N/VW-S), CCW (wattage curves), SP (super player mode), VV (variable voltage), CCV (voltage curves), TC modes (SS/Ni/Ti/M1/M2), BP (bypass mode), Settings And the basic mod stuff: Screen info: Dual-battery monitoring, Selected mode, Wattage, Resistance, Voltage, Puff counter/duration Operations: Five clicks on and off, Three clicks to unlock, Three taps on logo to enter menu, Left and right touch to navigate menu, Tap logo to enter submenu, Left and right touch to navigate submenu, Tap logo to exit submenu, Select “Exit” to go to the home screen, Fire to lock About now I have been using it for about one one and a half week it functions great. There is nothing really bad about it that i noticed. There are some small issues with it but nothing serious like it's a finger print magnet especially after eating, a bit weighty, gets hot after usage. I accidentaly spilled some water on it, dryed it out works as it was new so I think I won't be needing any new mod in the near future unless I get a great deal which I always get here. I can only recommend this mod I have no issues with it Vaporesso is a great brand didn't have an item from them until now but I heard only great about and it came to be true. If anyone is new on the site I recommend checking out every sale every activity so that you can find yourself the best deal. Thanks again for hooking me up with great deals BuyBest! Take care One og customer ;) Ps: This colour is a bit girly :DD

Dear Buybest, As always I'm realy greatfull for your services. Which includes the speed of the shipping which is incredible it was 10 days maybe a bit less but just think about it 10 days is not a long time I have ordered from other sites it took them nearly 30 days to ship. I used a coupon on this item which I got from a previous review writing so I just saved money for telling my honest opinion about great products.

Dear Buybest, As always I'm realy greatfull for your services. Which includes the speed of the shipping which is incredible it was 10 days maybe a bit less but just think about it 10 days is not a long time I have ordered from other sites it took them nearly 30 days to ship. I used a coupon on this item which I got from a previous review writing so I just saved money for telling my honest opinion about great products.

Luxe Vaporesso Mod Dimensions: - Height: 86mm -Latime: 47.8mm -Thickness: 29.5mm -Weight: 110g Features: - Works with two 18650 batteries (purchased separately); -Use the OMNI Board 4.0 chip; -Reaction speed: 0.001 sec; -View in the beach: 5 - 220W; - Reads resistant to the beach: 0.03 - 5.0 Ohm; - Operating modes: VW (S / N / H), TC (SS, Ni200, Ti) CCW / VV / CCV / Bypass; -Ecran TFT 2.0 Inch full color; -Touchscreen function; -Function protection:     Short circuit;     Low resistance;     Low battery level;     overload;     Protection 10 seconds after pushing the button; -Micro USB port -Flash charging function; -Load 2.5A; -Charge time: 1.5h The package contains: -1pc Mod Vaporesso Luxe 220W; -Cable USB; -User manual; Solid build mode, clean form, minimalist interface and interface, lock and start / stop function So far the best way we used after several other products before. Superb, stunning construction. I am so impressed with the aesthetic and qualitative quality of this way. Smok my previous Alien feels and looks like a toy in comparison to this mode that is complex and well outlined than any other way I have seen or used so far. - Good battery life, probably because the color screen saves more battery life than the previous model. the graph on the screen is very nice combines the useful with the pleasure that tells me how many times to press the buttons to enter the menu, - The mode has to set the clock in 12-hour mode, or 24 hours I'll start by saying clearly: The Lux mode is superb. I can easily say that this is one of the best ways we've ever used. I was also lucky to receive the silver edition, which was my personal favorite across the color line but I think in the near future or the next discount campaign I will also buy the amazing way in the black. It is equipped with a 510 centered connection, which allows it to fit with console-free atomizers. The well-finished form, materials, size and edges and colorful and rounded screen make it a true visual pleasure and a true pleasure to touch are proud to hold such a gem, even if it's harder than previous models of previous Vaporesso batteries - though is slightly easier than Voopoo DRAG. The battery back cover is well worked and is supported by three powerful and well-positioned magnets. The screen is large 2 inches, and the font is clear and sized. The very bright and stylish touch screen works wonderfully without any mistakes, and without delay is indicated by three well-embedded dots and powerful vibrations that can be adjusted to your liking can even be reduced. The screen is very good for daylight in full sun. Screen info; Double battery monitoring Selected mode power Resistance Voltage Time / duration counter operations Five clicks and starts the mode and again five clicks and stops the mode. Three clicks to unlock mode. Pressing three times on the logo and entering the mode menu To navigate the menu, press left and right. Touch the logo to enter the submenu Touch the logo to exit the submenu Select "Exit" to access the startup screen The three-time fire unlocks the screen a single click on the fire button locks the screen. Mode is equipped with clock and date. Representation and description of screens; large screen on the left side of the screen we have the battery indicator that shows the battery life of each battery separately. In the right part of the screen we will have the clock, in the middle there is how vapam and waves selected under the blades on the left is the resistance indicator that tells us how much ohm has our resistance, under ohm the timer is smoke drawn on the bottom left we have volts and under volts there are seconds to shoot from the take. In the menu we have a default which resets the mode, time set where we adjust the clock and date, brightness of the screen brightness; puff counter counting of puffs, smart on / off, screen timeout while the display is on; key light; vibrate vibration control and last but not least version version of the model. Menu options Variable power modes (VW-H / VW-N / VW-S) CCW (power curves) SP (super player module) VV (variable voltage) CCV (voltage curves) TC modes (SS / Ni / Ti / M1 / ​​M2) BP (bypass mode) such as a mechanical mode Settings If you ever used an Omni 4.0 card, then you know what to expect from the menus system there has not been much change from Vaporesso Armor Pro, which has recently switched our list of favorite boxes. The available menus and features and settings are the same as fast mode burning. This strikes quickly - so fast that five quick clicks to stop it. I like how Vaporesso implemented the "touchscreen" functionality of Luxe. The touch-sensitive part is not part of the display, but from the bottom of the front panel. Think of these as touch buttons. "buttons" are generally very responsive. In addition, every time you touch the screen, you will feel a very satisfying vibration. Pressing the fire button locks the adjustment knobs until you press it again three times. This is a very useful feature, but a few times I wanted it not to have been. But it will prevent you accidentally changing your settings, so I can not complain. I like the way Luxe combines the chic with the modern. Temperature control. The Omni 4.0 chip is known for the excellent performance of TC, and while I'm not usually vaping in TC, I decided to put it to the test. We conducted a stainless steel coil of 0.45 ohms resistance, I have locked the resistance and TCR value changed to SS 110. 90 presets the appropriate TCR, have a satisfactory heat hot at and above 420 F and protection very good for dry blows. I brought my whole dry cotton and I saw only a slight fading when I removed it - this is to be expected even with the best TC modes out there. Altogether, the Luxe model passed the temperature control test with honest rigors. PRO; The Luxe mode looks superb Beautiful size and shape Excellent TC in stainless steel Satisfaction of touch feedback A variety of options and features Easy navigation through the menu Big color screen and good visibility The mode strikes well He has great power Good quality materials of superior quality and very well finished. Easy to use Very attractive color and very well tied silver with black and color screen. Vaporesso Luxe is a way that I easily recommend to my friends.

I will not tell you, all on the internet look yourself, all positive. Намотал 0,8оМ 180 W, just bomb! Pair with both паровоза, and for this he Created and Bought and Справляется on Bang without dips stably on quietly. Convenient, solid, impressive. delivery super fast! checked-original. Thanks to the seller for the coupon! It's nice to cooperate with you, what i will definitely do)) I recommend you without hesitation!!! Details: -Important! There is a cover on sale, but it is ugly, thick, not subject to this super product. Dear seller, this is a real problem! Need other cover or cover should be included and free Advice, immediately order a film for the phone and cut to size. -The button is comfortable, but i want on the other hand, it will be more convenient with the screen! Well, or extra to lock the screen. -No tape for dismantling batteries, funny. -About the delicious winding write to me in the mail;)

Vaporesso Luxe este un mod pe care l-am vanat ceva vreme. Odata ajuns in posesia lui pot spune ca este wow. Merge cu 2 acumulatori 18650, este tactil si raspunde foarte repede la comenzi. Pattern-ul este de-a dreptul genial. Este un mod solid si totodata unul foarte reusit facut de cei de la Vaporesso. Citeste foarte bine rezistentele. Magnetii de la usa pentru baterii tine perfect si nu joaca aboslut deloc. Ceea ce m-a uimit pe mine este display-ul tactil care este foarte bine realizat, insa pentru mai multa siguranta voi folosi o husa dedicata pentru el. Folosesc acest mod impreuna cu un Zeus Dual si pot spune ca pentru mine reprezinta combinatia perfecta. Modul da fire instant, iar chip-ul ohmi 4.2 este cel mai bun chip testat de mine pana in prezent. Va recomand acest mod cu toata increderea.

Thank you so much .

very very good

not bad! but it could have been better... the cover is backlash, the screen cover is bent and there are cracks

this is my 2nd order, very happy shopping at buybest. Do not hesitate buy at buybest! cheap prices, orders are processed quite fast, shipping is also fast, and the customer service is so helpful. takes around 10 days to arrived to my place. This vaporesso luxe product, although a little bit heavy and easily scratched, still a great mod for me. with competitive prices, lots of sale, I will continue to shop here!

fast delivery, fast response, good product as always, thank you buybest!

Perfect mod for me

Great mod! Thanks!

Great mod! Thanks!

Great mod! Thanks!

Fast shipping and best price.

Good product! High quality! Fast shipping and excelent service.

Entrega muy rápida a México, excelente mod, completamente nuevo y original, muy buen precio, %100 recomendado!