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  • best 200W Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C Mod - Type F
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200W Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C Mod - Type F

Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C Mod, which is powered by dual 18650 batteries to fire up to 200W to deliver huge cloud, adopts oversized firing and adjustment buttons and rectangular adjustment buttons for easy operation.
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Product Introduction

Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C Mod, which is powered by dual 18650 batteries to fire up to 200W to deliver huge cloud, adopts oversized firing and adjustment buttons and rectangular adjustment buttons for easy operation. 0.96-inch full color TFT screen will display status of vape clearly and 2A quick charging makes you avoid waiting for a long time. with this mod, you will enjoy vaping experience.


200W Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C Mod



Output power: 1-200W
Output voltage: 1-7.4V
Battery: Dual 18650 batteries
Size: 91.5 x 55 x 27.5mm
Chipset: DNA 250C chipset
Charging: 2A
Temperature: 200-600F
Screen: 0.96-inch full color TFT screen


• Powered by dual 18650 batteries to fire up to 200W
• Oversized firing and adjustment buttons and rectangular adjustment buttons for easy operation
• 0.96-inch full color TFT screen to display status of vape clearly
• 2A quick charging to avoid waiting for a long time

packing list

• 1 x Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C Mod 200W
• 1 x USB Cable
• 1 x Suction Cup
• 1 x User Manual

Order Tips

• No liquid or battery, you need to buy them separately.
• Three-month warranty for Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C Mod.

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The Paranomal DNA250C is equipped with the latest EVOLVE chipset, the dna 250 chip. LOSTVAPE's Paranomal DNA 250C is a pronoun of high-end devices with SXMINI's G CLASS. It's not a high-end price, but it's the latest version of LOSTVAPE's LostBape flagship line, which has always been loved by many users for its high-quality, highly stable, high-quality chipsets, and its highly luxurious and generous design. That's why it's difficult to simply buy with practical eyes. Luxury is inevitably part of the high price. It is 9.15 cm tall, 5.5 cm wide and 2.75 cm wide. The weight is around 130g, except for batteries, and the basic material is aluminum alloy. Two 18650 batteries will be fitted. Watts support from 1 watt to 200 watts. Design is personal, but the design of the product is quite elegant and has a very stable feel. There is no non-curved part of the product. (This means that there is no straight part of the day.) It's very nice to finish the product, and I feel like I've been paying attention to it. When you listen to the Paranomal DNA250C while the battery is in place, you get a sense of the heavy weight of your unique high-end machine. The weight balance is also quite good, so when the ATOMIZER is engaged, it is quite satisfactory. Now that we've explained the appearance, let's talk about the interface. The Dna chipset can be changed a significant amount using the ESCRIBE program. Once the Fire button is pressed, the screen will appear, which looks exactly like the lock screen on your smartphone. The locking screen shows the watch, the remaining battery, and the resistance value of the previously used fire-free device. When you press Fire button 5 to release and release, you can see the details at the top of the lock screen, but you can see mode, watts, and settings in the middle. At this point, the interface is unique. It differs from the usual variable, but it has a very intuitive interface. If you want to change the settings, you can adjust them using the + and - buttons after pressing the middle Select buttons. It may feel uncomfortable, but if you use a selector system like this, it's more intuitive and simple to operate. I can't just say it's good, but I want to give you a big score on how easy it is for the first person to use it. Let me explain the taste expression. The paranomal DNA250C has a lot of analogy for feeling like a high-end sedan, which does not mean that it produces steam too strongly at once, or that it is weak because it lacks power. Gently satisfies people. The downside is weight. It's not as heavy as it can be, but it's quite heavy compared to If you put it in a thin trouser pocket, you'll feel your pants droop downwards. For a machine with two 18650 batteries, it's not that big.

It's a disaster that you don't have PARANORMAL DNA250C. I insist that anyone who does VAPING must use a product with a DNA chip. The packaging of this product makes me feel as if I had bought a luxury watch. There's no fault with anything from packaging to the design of the MOD. The package of Buy Best was concise and tried to make sure that the product was safe. You can't buy it anywhere else at a discount at BUYBEST right now. You should buy this product first even if you don't need it. DNA chips help you increase the amount of anthracite and enrich the taste of ELIQUID. Haven't you pressed the Buy button yet? Ha...you idiot, put it in your shopping basket and make the payment right away. Leave this month's card price to you next month.

La forma del mod es muy agradable a la mano, si bien es una poco grande pero tiene un aspecto muy elegante, tiene unas paletas de madera que pueden ser intercambiables por unas de fibra de carbono, estas vienen con unos imanes y quedan bien sujetas y no se mueven para nada, la pantalla es pequeña pero trae la información necesaria y esta en unos de las partes frontales, la instalación de las pilas es por la parte inferior y la tapa no se mueve por accidente y queda muy segura, la instalación y retiro de baterías es muy fácil, la integración del cabezal con los atomizadores es muy buena y el detalle que recibe atomizadores hasta 25 milímetros pero quedan muy bien, en pocas palabras el equipos tiene calidades muy buenas y los materiales son excelentes, la pintura no se descascara por nada y se conserva impoluto, muy recomendado. Lacaja en el cual viene el equipos es muy atractiva ya que es tipo cofre, trae muchos accesorios como una ventosa que sirve para retirar los laterales de fibra de carbono y reemplazarlas por las de madera, trae los cables de carga y adaptador para cargar celulares, trae los manuales y ademases. El equipo paranormal es mod de 2 baterías 18650, el equipo entrega una potencia total de 200 watts, este equipo posee un chip dna 250 c de evolv el cual para su uso es muy simple ya que en la pantalla solo nos sale la información de la potencia la cual se esta usando en ese momento, ademas en la pantalla nos aparece la resistencia instalada en nuestro atomizador, el porcentaje de la baterías y para poder realizar control de las potencias en este equipo posee 3 botones adicionales el cual uno sirve para desplazarnos en las opciones del menú y y si deseamos subir o bajar los watts solo debemos presionar el boton de en medio y asi con los botones de arriba o abajo poder subir o bajar la potencias, estas potencias suben de decimal en decimal, pero si presionamos unos segundos estas suben con una velocidad media, no subira tan rapido que no podamos controlar o bien nos pasemos de la potencia que deseamos, al tener decimales podemos adecuar lo mas posible la potencia que deseemos y así poder disfrutar de un vapeo a nuestra medida, ademas el sistema posee una opción que se llama replay el cual nos igualara la potencia de nuestra ultima calada, esta opción es excelente ya que los chip dna entregan un potencia muy pareja pero con esta opción tendremos la calada mas parecida a la anterior y podemos disfrutar de un vapeo agradable hasta cuando la batería estén con porcentajes bajos (poca carga), y relacionado sobre esto los chip DNA son muy buenos en la gestión de las baterías estén con muy poca carga, este equipo exprimen nuestras baterías a niveles bien bajos y sin sentir mucho el bajón de potencia, en mi opinión después de 1 mes de uso de estos equipos he notado que bajo un 5% de la batería es cuando empiezo a darme cuenta que el equipo no anda bien y debo cambiar las baterías, si bien este chip nos deja poder realizar la carga de nuestras baterías y hace la carga de cada batería en forma pareja, no así como otros chips que muchas veces cargan una batería mas que la otra y por ende tenemos perdidas de potencias antes, si bien siempre es recomendable usar cargadores externos este chip nos deja realizarla sin ningún problema, ademas lo maravilloso de este chip que en caso extremos de no tener carga en nuestros celulares podemos usarlo con cargadores externos ya que traen un adaptador el cual podemos conectar en la entrada o salida micro USB conectamos el adaptador a nuestros cables de celular y poder cargar sin riesgos que nos produzca un sobre voltaje a nuestros celulares y así quemarlos, lo he probado y me ha funcionado espectacular, el adaptador viene integrado. Trae solo 2 cables uno es el adaptador y el otro es cable USB / MicroUSB que nos servirá tanto como cargador de batería como para poder realizar modificaciones en el software del chip DNA, podemos instalar el software en el PC para así modificar valores de nuestro mod y poder optimizarlo de mejor manera y personificarlo de la mejor manera.

good quality Quick delivery

best mod ever!

Great Product for a great Price. It is the new DNA205c, so nothing has to be said. This chip is one of the best. Do I need it? I dont't think so. But its fun! Shipping was quite fast.

perfect, 100% to recomend

perfect, 100% to recomend

perfect mod - highly recommended!

Next level. Would recommend any time.

I think it's the best thing I've got.

I received the service warch and product well. this mode device is performing well. but there is space between the carbon panels on the outside, which is a little disappointing.

it's so nice and good!!! I love DNA 250 chip!

soooo fast thank you

be a famous product The delivery is rather late, but I'm satisfied. I think I bought this inexpansive. Feel the DNA chip. It's very good!

Good price,fast shipping,fast speed of delivering...the mod is working...what can i want more.The box is ok,the content is ok so I am happy with my new toy.From now with Paranormal i will go up in the vaping experience.Itself the mod is little bit heavy,but stay comfortable in the hand and giving a pleasure with using it.The quality always has it's price and here it comes with the weight.

Very very Good

i wanna know my ems number plz i can't wait while dont know where it flowing around

Innerhalb 14 Tagen bei mir gewesen. Top***** Akkuträger ist ein super Gerät. Bin begeistert. Danke buybest!!!!