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Electronic Cigarettes

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Electronic Cigarette, Best E Cigarette

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Electronic cigarettes are also known as e-cigarettes, e-cigs, electronic nicotine delivery systems and vaporizer cigarettes. It mainly consists of a tank with atomizer and a mod supplying power. A Chinese pharmacist invented the vapor cigarettes in 2003. It's a revolutionary innovation for non-smokers and smokers who wish to quit smoking. Buybest has all types of e cigs for different vapors. From vapor atomizers, vapor mods to vapor kits,  vapor accessories and vapor tools. Believe you can get authentic vaping gadgets at low prices at Buybest. We often run flash sales for different hot and new vaping products, mostly over half prices. We have almost all vaping brands at buybest.com and our products are authorized. BuyBest offers kinds of vape kits, mod & batteries, atomizers & tanks, coils, vape accessories in high quality and reasonable price. Such as Joyetech, Smok, Kanger, Geekvape, Ijoy, Eleaf alike.


The History of Electronic Cigarettes


In 2003, Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik invented the first generation e-cigarette after his father died of lung cancer which used a piezoelectric element to vaporize a liquid containing nicotine diluted in a solution of propylene glycol. Hon Lik invented the e-cigarette as a safer, cleaner way to inhale nicotine as a smoking cessation resource. By 2006, e-cigarettes had entered Europe and then North America. At first, they were very expensive, but over the years, as more companies produced them, the prices fell and their popularity rose.   


Electronic Cigarettes and Health

An electronic cigarette works by heating the e-liquid to generate vapor and the liquid is usually made of nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerine, and flavorings. 
If you’re a smoker, switching to e-cigarettes is good for your health. According to Public Health England, using electronic cigarettes is at least 95% safer than smoking. Compared with traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes don't produce the tar, in which most of the carcinogens are found.

The Types of Electronic Cigarettes

E-cigarettes come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes so if you are new to the world of e-cigs, choosing the right setup can be a bit overwhelming. While there are hundreds of different brands to choose from, e-cigarettes are generally divided into four main categories: cig-a-likes, vape pens, pod systems, and mods.

E-cigarette Safety

Here are some safety tips for e-cigarettes to make sure you're safe when vaping. Firstly, don't expose your e-cigarettes to extreme hot or cold temperatures for long periods of time. Second, try not to drop your e-cigarettes. Thirdly, if your e-cigarette has a power button, turn it off when you are not using it. Fourthly, be sure to use the charger that comes along with your e-cigarette. Fifth, avoid pets and children. Finally, refer to your user manual for detailed instructions on your device.

The Main Differences between Electronic Cigarettes and Traditional Cigarettes 

Traditional cigarettes are only disposable while electronic cigarettes have two categories: one is disposable and the other is a rechargeable e-cigarette. With traditional cigarettes, tobacco burns then produce smoke while in the e-cigarette, e-liquid vaporizes and produces vapor. Traditional cigarettes produce tar, ash, and carbon mono oxide but e-cigarettes do not. One traditional cigarette can give 12 to 15 puffs while an e-cigarette can give far more than that.
Smoking cigarettes cost around twice as much as using e-cigarettes. The average smoker in Britain spends around 400 pounds every 3 months on cigarettes while the average vaper spends about 190 pounds every three months according to the Cancer Research UK.

What should you keep in mind while using electronic cigarettes?

It's okay to use e-cigarettes in your own home but think twice before vaping in a crowded place or at a friend's house. Pay attention to the people around you while you're vaping because any amount of clouds blown directly into another person's face is inconsiderate and rude. 
Don't use electronic cigarettes in front of kids because we are their role models. Although vaping is different from smoking, it is still not okay for our children. Don't use electronic cigarettes on public transport or in confined spaces such as elevators. When you're with someone else, ask him or her if you can use your e-cigarette. 

Why buy electronic cigarettes at BuyBest?

Electronic cigarettes are available on many online vape shops. Locally, you can find them at convenience stores, pharmacies, and gas stations, but electronic cigarettes in those stores are usually more expensive and those stores do not provide any customer support either. 
At BuyBest, we only sell the best vape mods, atomizers, vape kits, e-liquids, vape accessories, vape tools, and vape batteries. If you want to get the best e-cigarette brands with dependable customer service, look no further than Buybest.