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Review Rewards

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Offsite Shopping Experience, Get Cash Rewards

We lay emphasis on your reviews/comments/opinions/shopping experiences on our products/our site, because this could make us grow and improve better.

How to Join?
Simply post your honest story about buybest.com, long or short, onto your channel, website, forum or blog. Easy! Any platform is OK! To name a few: 


German http://www.dampfertreff.ch/f995-Fanclubs.html



Korean https://evape.kr/bbs/board.php?bo_table=free

Facebook/VK groups, e cigarette forums, Instagram, Blogs, mysku.ru
Note: your review must contain our link: https://www.buybest.com or product link or buybest.com text. 

How to get rewards?
Send your review/comment links and screenshot as a proof to info@buybest.com. Your submission will be checked and we’d give a reward from $3 to $50 to you, via your paypal or buybest account.
We’d love to send FREE Samples to your door to superior reviewers.
We’d reply your emails within 2 business days. And process the reward within 4 business days after receiving your first email.

Affiliates, Dropshippers and other partners are not eligible for this event.
We have the right to give you different value, maily based on your reviews' views, shares, comments etc.
Not every review application will receive a reward.