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Review Rewards

Write High Quality Product Comment on buybest, We Reward - Method oneWrite High Quality Product Comment, We Reward

Buybest loves to hear every shopper’s feedback, to help us improve. In order to encourage high quality product comment, we do a campaign.

How to join in:
1. Order any one product on our site.
2. When you receive the product, you need write a comment about it at our product page with 4 real shots. A comment with 300-600 words, we will reward $10 gift card; 600+ words, we reward $25 gift card (one $15, the other $10 gift card). Gift card can be used at our store with no minimum consumption limit; 
3. When your comment is uploaded, it will be pending for review. At this moment, you can email to info@buybest.com, telling us which reward you prefer, gift card or points.
4. When your comment is approved, we will give reward to your buybest account immediately. Plz check then. 

1. Your comment must be original, can not copy any content from our store or other sites.
2. No language limit.
3. You can write your real user experience on the product or our website, etc.


1. If you don’t want to write long comment, welcome to leave short comment and get points.
2. Welcome to comment with pictures. Additional 10 points will be sent to you if you comment with pictures.
3. Buybest has the right to change terms. This campain could terminate in the future, plz hurry up to comment. We will reward all approved comments.
4. The reward value cannot exceed the price of what you bought items on buybest.


Participants Examples:
sahokm      has got $10 gift card    on 2018.12.01  reviewed 225W SMOK X-Priv TC Kit
micho2505 has got $10 gift card   on 2018.12.04  reviewed 225W IJOY Captain PD1865 TC Mod
MIHAI38    has got 25 gift card    on 2018.12.04   reviewed GeekVape Zeus Dual RTA Atomizer
MIHAI38    has got $10 gift card   on 2018.12.05   reviewed Eleaf iJust S Skin
 Silicone Case
MIHAI38    has got $10 gift card   on  2018.12.10  reviewed Eleaf iJust S Kit 3000mah
Francisco    has got 25 gift card    on 2018.12.07  reviewed GeekVape Athena Squonk Kit
Francisco    has got 25 gift card    on 2018.12.07  reviewed  Asmodus Voluna V2 RTA
Francisco    has got 25 gift card    on 2018.12.11  reviewed Digiflavor DROP RDA Atomizer
Francisco    has got 25 gift card    on 2018.12.17  reviewed Asmodus Dawg RTA Tank
MIHAI38     has got 21 gift card    on 2018.12.17  reviewed Remote Network Wifi Camera
Valery        has got $10 gift card, $15 gift card    on 2018.12.21  reviewed CUBIS Pro Tank
SeBoSS      has got $10 gift card, $15 gift card    on 2018.12.29 

szandor66     has got $10 gift card, $15 gift card    on 2019.01.08 reviewed Augvape Druga VW mod
MIHAI38      has got $10 gift card, $15 gift card    on 2019.01.14 reviewed Smok Species Kit 
MIHAI38      has got $10 gift card, $15 gift card    on 2019.01.21 reviewed Smoant Naboo TC Mod
MIHAI38      has got $10 gift card                        on 2019.01.21 reviewed Blutooth Speaker
MIHAI38      has got $10 gift card, $15 gift card    on 2019.01.21 reviewed Blutooth Speaker
MIHAI38      has got $10 gift card, $15 gift card    on 2019.01.21 reviewed Car Charger
MIHAI38      has got $10 gift card, $15 gift card    on 2019.01.21 reviewed LED Alarm Clock
Floxxythehero has got $10 gift card, $15 gift card   on 2019.01.21 reviewed Smok Mag TC Kit
Floxxythehero has got $10 gift card, $15 gift card   on 2019.02.12 reviewed CARRYS Green Subohm Tank and SMOK G320 Marshal Mod
kgegekgege has got $10 gift card, $15 gift card   on 2019.02.12 reviewed 225W SMOK MAG TC Kit

Share shopping experience on your channel, Get Rewards - Method Two
We lay emphasis on your reviews/comments/opinions/shopping experiences on our products/our site/anything releated with buybest, because this could make us grow and improve better.
share your shopping experience, earn gift card

How to Join?
Simply post your honest story about buybest.com, long or short, onto your channel, website, forum or blog. Any platform is OK! Easy! To name a few: 



German http://www.dampfertreff.ch/f995-Fanclubs.html



Korean https://evape.kr/bbs/board.php?bo_table=free


Facebook/VK groups, e cigarette forums, Instagram, Blogs, mysku.ru, Coupon/deal websites
Note: your review post must contain our link: https://www.buybest.com or product link or buybest.com text. Your post needs has views/comments. 

How to get rewards?
Send your review/comment links and screenshot as a proof to info@buybest.com. Your submission will be checked and we’d give a reward from $2 to $40 to you, via your buybest account.
We’d love to send FREE Samples to your door to superior reviewers.
We’d reply your emails within 2 business days. And process the reward within 4 business days after receiving your first email.

Affiliates, Dropshippers and other partners are not eligible for this event.
Group buying shares are not eligible.
We have the right to give you different value, maily based on your reviews' views, shares, comments etc.

Not every review application will receive a reward.

Participants Examples:

Bancoran reviewed 86W Tesla Punk VW Mod 
TROPiCALViBES reviewed Arctic Dolphin Anita
Chrissyboig87 reviewed Revenger kit by Vaporesso
only_cth reviewed Eleaf iPower TC Battery MOD
DONGKANG reviewed Tarot Nano Kit