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Refund & Return

We strive to provide you with quality products, but it might not perform as expected by the time it's delivered or after a time.

Not Received - If your parcel is still on the way, please be patient and track your package following the tracking number we provide. Normally, we don't accept any return/refunds if the duration is still within ETA.

Already Received - If you already received your parcel and not happy with it due to quality problem, missing items, or inconsistency with the description within the guarantee period, you need to upload the evidence and contact our customer service at service@buybest.com. If it's proven, we will refund the money or send you a replacement according to your request efficiently.

If you just don't want the product without any reason, you need to send it back in the original package, and we will refund you when we receive the returned package. In this case, the return postage shall be borne on your side.