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What’s point?
The point on BuyBest.com refers to the virtual currency on the platform, which is mainly used to exchange physical gifts and cash coupon in the Points Mall.
How to get points?
Points can be obtained through the following actions:
1. You can get 10 points for daily check in, please click here to sign in.
2. Place orders and receive items. Your points are accumulated according to your payment amount of actual orders.
3. Comment on orders. You will get corresponding points if you leave feedback for your orders.
4. Comment with pictures. Additional 10 points will be sent to you if you give feedback with pictures.
5. Invite your friends to register and put an order on Buybest, you will receive 500 points. Please click here to check it.
More ways to get points will come soon.
What’s the status of your points?
There are three status of points: Available, Expired, Used.
Does a point expire?
Points have a period of validity. Your points will expire at the end of the next year since the day you get them. For example, if you get your points on December 1, 2018, they will be expired on December 31, 2019.
Available: points are usable
Expired: points are expired without being used.
Used: points have been used
How to exchange gifts with your points?
Ensuring that your points are sufficient, you can select the items that you want, click "Exchange".
Your items will be put in the form of Limited Gift Coupon in your account. You can check your gift coupon in "My Account" > "My Coupon". It can only be used together with your order. Notice: Coupon has a period of validity, so please use them asap. Thanks!
What's Cash Coupon?
The Cash Coupon is also a kind of coupon which helps you to exchange your points to actual money. Usually, it will take us about 5-7 business days to confirm and transfer the money to your Paypal. Cash coupon is expired from 2019.