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E-Cigarette Problems and Troubleshooting

When you start to use electronic cigarette, it will take you some time to deal with all problems from installation to maintenance. If things goes wrong with your e cigarette, how can you fix it? Especially the most common problem such as your battery can not work, it seems easy to deal with the issue. But in fact no practice means you can not make clear what to do next. Here is the checklist for you to fix battery problems.


Is your eCig battery charged and cleaned?

When the charge is used up, please do not forget to charge your e-cigarette battery. It will take about 3 hours to plug your battery in for charging and you have to wait until the light turns green.

If batteries lack of connection to atomizer, cartomizer or clearomiser or cause a short, the most possible reason is that too much e liquid is filled into atomizer and causes e juice leaking or no vapor. Use an ear bud dipped in alcohol to clean liquid puddle in the battery once every two weeks.

Don’t forget to clean your battery if your battery can not hold charge as used to be or have to draw harder to get it work.


Do you turn on your e-cigarette battery?

If your battery is charged but still can not light on when pressed, your battery may be turned off. E cigarette battery offers an “On/Off” mode to avoid accidental discharge when you put e cigarettes on your pocket, wallet or luggage. You can press the battery button five times in successive way in order to turn on or off the battery.

Is your battery flashing?

That’s a common question. This is mostly caused by over tightening your atomizer or charger to push down the central pin of battery. And the battery will lose connection with your cartomizer.

The simple way to deal with this problem is to remove cartomizer and check the thread end of your battery carefully and use a cocktail stick or paper click to raise the center pin gently. And then screw cartomizer back.

1. Atomizers

Please try to clean your atomizer first using the Guide Here. If you put your atomizers away for several months and they can't perform well when you begin to use them, please firstly try to clean your atomizers completely. It is quite useful.

2. Batteries

Firstly, check our item description to see whether it has special function, for example, 5-click protection.

Secondly, try to charge the battery for a while. Though the factory has charged, it may be lose power in warehouse or during transit.


3. Atomizer & Battery

Meanwhile, sometimes the battery and atomizer aren't so flush with each other, you will need to adjust their terminal connection. The atomizer terminal may have been pushed down in the rubber seat so it isn't reaching the battery terminal. Please try using a bamboo skewer and wiggling the atomizer brass terminal out of its rubber seat carefully a little bit by sticking the pointed end in the atomizer hole, then do the same with the battery.

We tried our biggest effort to offer detailed description in product page. We appreciate your also having a check to see whether we have mentioned some tips in product page. We appreciate any time and effort taken to attempt fixing these issues before contacting us. If the above doesn't work, please feel free to send an message or email to contact us within 48 hours, we will respond as soon as possible to assist in resolving your issue.