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How to register an account?

1. Click ‘Join Free’ at the top right area.

2. After enter the information, click ‘Create Account’ to proceed. (Please enter the commonly used email address to receive your order updates)



3. When registration completes, you can click Go Shopping Now to start shopping or click verify email to secure your account safety and get more benefits.

4. Click ‘Go Shopping Now’ and enjoy your shopping on BuyBest.

How to login my account?

How to Login

1. Click ‘Sign in’ at the top right area.

2. Enter your registered email address or username as your login account and the password your set, then click ‘Sign in’

3. After login,you will be referred to BuyBest homepage.


How can I close my account?
If you want to close your account and remove all saved personal information (such as address book entries), please click here to create a support case.