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VV/VW Mods

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Variable voltage or variable wattage mod is a battery powered vaping gear which can adjust output power in two ways: changing the voltage, and the wattage. The mod features safety protection circuitry. Our VV/VW MODs are high-quality vaping devices which come with tremendous maximum output power and most of them have an adjustable lightning-shaped knob with LED indicator. Almost every vapers have one vv/vw mod, get yours now at buybest.com.


VV/VW Mods 101
Currently, most mods are VV/VW mods that support a wider range of atomizers and enable you to choose your own power setting. This represents a significant improvement in performance. However, for newer vapers, VV/VW mods can also be a bit overwhelming. So here is a basic introduction to VV/VW mods and how to use them. 

What is a VV/VW mod?
A VV/VW Mod is a vaping device using circuitry to regulate its output power and allows users to adjust its output power by adjusting the voltage or wattage. In addition, to protect users and prevent damage to the vaping device, VV/VW Mods utilize protection circuitry to provide a wide range of safety features, which makes them an ideal device for both new and experienced vapers.

Why do I use a VV/VW mod?
The VV/VW mod enables its users to customize the output, which is helpful in many ways, allowing the flexibility to change fast and to use atomizers with various resistances, coil types and wire sizes. The ability to adjust the output power also enables the user to control the heat produced by the coils, which can change the flavor or burn certain e-liquids and help adjust if the user wants to take shorter or longer pulls to produce the same amount of vapor. 

Safety Features of VV/VW Mods
The VV/VW mod is currently the safest vape device on the market as they have tons of safety features. It is usually equipped with thermal protection, overcharge/discharge protection, min/max resistance protection, short circuit protection and reverse polarity protection. For instance, if the batteries are put in the wrong direction, the VV/VW mod will refuse to fire, or if you try to use a depleted battery, it will show a “low battery” and refuse to work, so you must recharge. These types of safety features means that you can vape without worrying about the safety.

Other Features of VV/VW Mods
Nowadays, most VV/VW mods are box mods with display screens, which can show all the key information such as current settings, coil resistance and remaining battery life. In addition to the fire button you can press to vape, almost all of the VV/VW mods have “up” and “down” buttons to adjust settings to your preferences.

Besides, many VV/VW mods also provide temp control, mechanical/bypass mode, lock/unlock, puff counter, USB passthrough and other functions. The temp control prevents the coils from exceeding a pre-specified temperature, allowing you to avoid dry puffs completely; the mechanical/bypass mode allows output to be determined by the charge state of the battery and the resistance of the atomizer. The lock/unlock function can prevent firing the device accidentally; the puff counter shows the number of pulls that have been taken; the USB passthrough enables the user to charge a mod while vaping on it.

Disadvantages of VV/VW Mods
Though VV/VW Mods have tons of advantages, we cannot deny that they still have some disadvantages.

First of all, the size. Compared with fixed voltage regulated mods or mechanical mods, VV/VW mods are usually larger because VV/VW mods need space for their circuitry and wiring to perform the same or exceed the performance of mechanical devices. Typically, a smaller VV/VW mod has a shorter battery life, a lower maximum output power and a smaller range of usable resistances.

Secondly, the lifespan. VV/VW mods use many electrical components such as wiring, circuitry, LED or OLED displays, microprocessors and tactile switches. Compared with mechanical mods without circuitry, VV/VW mods are easy to be damaged if dropped or worn out after extended use.

Additional Tips on VV/VW Mods
When using a VV/VW mod, start with a low setting and gradually increase it until you find what works best for you. To prevent damage to the device, you need to keep your VV/VW mod away from water and extreme temperatures because they use delicate circuitry. Typically, batteries have a shorter life than the devices they power. Some VV/VW mods have non-replaceable internal batteries while others use replaceable rechargeable batteries so you need to take this factor into account when buying a VV/VW mod.
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