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Subohm Tanks

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Subohm Tank is easy to understand – coils lower than 1 ohm. Some advanced vapers love subohm, because the lower ohm, the more vapor, and the dense of flavor output. Before using subohm tank, you need to check if your mod/battery can comply with the tank’s ohm working range. Buybest.com has sub-ohm tanks from brands like Geekvape, SMOK, Joyetech and Eleaf alike.

Sub-ohm Tanks 101

What is a sub-ohm tank?

The sub-ohm tank is one of the most common vape tanks on the market these days and hundreds of them have come out in the past few years. The sub-ohm tanks allow for sub-ohm vaping, which can produce more massive clouds so if you want to pursue huge clouds, sub ohm tanks are the best choice. They perform as well as RDAs or RTAs, but they use disposable coils. Sub ohm tanks provide a direct to lung vape using low-resistance coils (usually 1.0 ohm or lower) and high-powered mods.


Is vaping with sub-ohm tanks safe?


Is vaping with sub-ohm tanks safe? The honest answer is yes, and no. Vaping with sub-ohm tanks is quite safe if you follow some basic safety rules. Otherwise, your battery or vape device may fail which may result in property damage, even injury, from fire or explosion. Besides, you can reduce these risks by choosing quality products which are carefully crafted with safety in mind.

Only a supplier like BuyBest with high-quality products can ensure your safety because of the wide variety of coils, heating temperatures, wick materials, and e-juice. In other words, the safest method is to use a regulated box mod rather than a mech mod. But if you still want to try sub-ohm vaping with a mech mod, make sure it is well-ventilated so that the battery will stay cool during operation.


Advantages of Sub-ohm Tanks


 Vaping with sub-ohm tanks has four main advantages: more vapor, richer flavor, warmer vapor sub-ohm tanks with Vapingand convenience.

The performance of sub-ohm tanks has been comparable to that of rebuildable atomizers. With a sub-ohm tank, you can blow out the most impressive clouds among your vape friends.

The flavor of sub-ohm tanks is so smooth and intense that once you have tried sub-ohm vaping, it’s almost impossible to go back.

Most seasoned vapers prefer a warmer vape, and that’s what sub-ohm vaping give. And you needn't worry the warm will burn your lips because the wide airflow will bring the vape to a pleasantly warm temperature.

For those who are reluctant to build coils, sub-ohm tanks are their favorite because of their convenience as sub-ohm tanks use replaceable pre-made coils. As a bonus, the coils of sub-ohm tanks are also compatible with high VG e-juice, unlike most high resistance coils that come with MTL tanks.

Disadvantages of Sub-ohm Tanks

One coil has two sides. Although sub-ohm tanks have tons of advantages, they still have some disadvantages that should not be overlooked.
First of all, sub-ohm tanks are not an ideal option for vapers who love MTL vaping because they cannot get that tight cigarette-style draw from sub-ohm tanks, even if the airflow is closed down.
Besides, sub-ohm tanks are not suitable for stealth vaping because they produce too many clouds.
In addition, sub-ohm vaping is more expensive than the above-ohm vaping because sub-ohm tanks drain batteries faster and consume a lot more e-juice and their coils burn faster and need to be replaced regularly. 

Tips for Using Sub-ohm Tanks

Here are some tips for using sub-ohm tanks:
Be sure read the user manual of your sub-ohm tank carefully before using it.
For a great combination of vapor and flavor, use e-liquids with more than 50% VG.
Be sure to prime your sub-ohm coils before using.
Wait at least 5 minutes before vaping so that the wick can fully saturate the e-liquid.
Start out at the low end of the wattage range and gradually increase.
Close off the airflow when refilling a sub-ohm tank to prevent leakage.

Is sub-ohm vaping right for you?

Sub-ohm vaping is not for everyone, so before you start vaping with sub-ohm tanks, please consider the following points. Since sub-ohm vaping requires a fairly broad knowledge of ohms and electrical outputs, most sub-ohm vapers are quite experienced. However, if you are interested in starting out as a sub-ohm vaper, it is possible to do research and follow safety rules. If you are a seasoned vaper who want more vapor than you can get from vaping at resistances above 1.0 ohm or even want to compete in cloud-chasing competitions, then sub-ohm vaping is probably what you are looking for.