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Squonk Mods

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Squonk Mod is also called Bottom-Feeding Squonker Vape Device. As its name implies, the squonk mod can constantly supply liquid into your atomizer by pressing a plastic bottle with juice in the mod. Best Squonk mod often matches with rebuildable dripping atomizers. Look no further, you can get all new and popular bottom-fed vape devices at buybest.com.


Squonk Mods 101
What is a squonk mod? 

A squonk mod is a vape mod which uses a built-in but removable plastic or silicone bottle to inject e-juice, via a 510 connection, into an atomizer, usually an RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer). It is simple to operate, self-contained and very convenient. Press on the bottle, and when the wick is saturated, you can vape.

The History of the Squonk Mods
Squonk mods have actually been around for a long time but only recently have they hit the mainstream market. They can date back to 2009 as a DIY project by a vaper named Carlos49. Jack Murray, an E-Cigarette Forum member, described the innovative design and referred to the device with the term “squonk”. The project sparked a heated discussion on YouTube. Carlos49 himself couldn't commercially replicate the device, and this model didn't take off.

How to use a squonk mod?
Learning how to use a squonk mod is very easy. Here is a comprehensive step-by-step process of how to use it. First of all, gently squeeze your silicone bottle to get the e-juice up into the RDA. After that, release the bottle and allow it to return to its original shape so that the excess e-liquid in the RDA can be sucked back into the bottle. The only e-liquid left in the RDA will be adequate to wet the wick and leave a bit of excess liquid. Then, click on your mod's fire button and start vaping. Continue vaping until you feel the flavor decrease, then gently squeeze the bottle.

Types of Squonk Mods
Although there are many ways to categorize squonk mods, the most common are probably the regulated squonk mod and the unregulated squonk mod.

The unregulated squonk mod provides the atomizer with the battery's raw power, depending on the build resistance. Some mass-produced unregulated squonk mods have built-in protections against short circuits and potentially dangerous user errors, but others are basically mechanical mods without such protections.

The regulated squonk mod comes with a fully featured VW/VV chipset that allows the user to choose the number of watts or voltages they want. Most of them have a wide range of safety features, eliminating most of the concerns about battery safety. When it comes to squonking, the regulated squonk mods are often considered the safest option.

The Advantages of Using a Squonk Mod
There are many advantages to using a squonk mod. First of all, compared with using an RDA, you don't have to refill or drip frequently because the bottle size of a squonk mod is generally over 7 ml, which can last for a long time before refilling. Secondly, it is easier to squonk than using an RDA while you're busy. Because with an RDA, you have to drip frequently.  Besides, as the extra e-liquid is sucked back into the bottle, there is minimized leaking and overflow. More importantly, it tastes similar to what a RDA tastes like. 

The Disadvantages of Using a Squonk Mod 
As it is known to all, everything has its positive and negative sides, and a squonk mod is no exception. To begin with, battery life is the biggest drawback of squonk mods. Until the recent growth of the dual battery squonkers, most squonk mods used an 18650 battery, although this has now changed with the release of 20700 and 21700 batteries. In addition, some squonkers have difficulty reabsorbing the extra e-juice that enters the RDA. This shows that the overflow problem has not been completely eliminated. What's more, there are a few regulated squonk mods available in the market, most squonk mods are unregulated.

Are Squonk Mods suitable for you? 
The only way to know if squonkers are right for you is to give them a try. As mentioned above, squonk mods have quite a few advantages, so if you're looking for convenience but still want the flavor and vapor production that you can get when using an RDA, or if you just don't always feel like dripping, then you should buy yourself a squonk mod.

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