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A RDTA is a rebuildable dripping tank atomizer with a building deck, posts, chamber cap and tank. It’s RDA + RTA with the function of Auto Dripping without the hassle of dripping wick constantly. Check out some of the best RDTAs on the market at buybest.com like WOTOFO Serpent RDTA, VGOD Elite RDTA, and Geekvape Medusa RDTA at low prices.


RDTA 101
What is an RDTA? 

The acronym RDTA stands for Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer, which is a kind of vape tank that bridges the gap between RDAs and RTAs. An RDTA usually consists of a deck for users to build on and an e-juice reservoir to hold e-liquid. This e-juice reservoir is usually located below the build deck. After you build your coils on the deck, you need to place your wicks into the wicking ports. The wicks hang down into the tank, absorb the e-juice and feed it to the coil.

Why use RDTAs? 
RDTAs are very popular among vapers in the vaping community, so why do so many people choose to use RDTAs? Because thanks to RDTAs, vapers needn't worry about dripping into their tanks or remembering to push on their squonk bottles. What they need to do is just fill their tank, and every time they lift their devices to vape, their wicks will saturate, providing e-juice for the coil to vaporize. Like RDAs, RDTAs keep the coils very close to the drip tip, which creates a more intense, dense, and flavorful vapor than RTAs.

The Advantages of RDTAs 
The reason why RDTAs are so popular among vapers throughout the world is that they have tons of advantages. To begin with, they can provide a dripper-like performance. Unlike RTAs, the coils of RDTAs are very close to the drip tip and the vapor of RDTAs doesn’t travel through a chimney, so they can provide a dripper-like performance. Besides, with an RDTA, you don't have to drip all of the time because the RDTAs come with a tank reservoir to hold e-juice. What you need to do is simply fill up the reservoir located underneath the tank and vape away. RDTAs are also rebuildable and re-wickable. With an RDTA, you can build, wick, and mount your coils on the deck just as you would do with an RDA. Finally, the RDTAs can also be used like drippers. An RDTA is essentially an RDA sitting on top of a tank reservoir, so if you are a vaper who wants to drip often, you can use it like a dripper.

The Disadvantages of RDTAs 
However, everything has two sides and RDTAs are no exception. We cannot deny that RDTAs still have some disadvantages. First of all, as an RDTA typically consists of a deck for users to build on and a tank reservoir to hold e-liquid, usually no low-profile devices are available on the market. In addition, compared with RDAs and RTAs, RDTAs are more complicated, so you need to be more careful when building and wicking.

Tips for Using an RDTA
Trial and error is important when it comes to using an RDTA. You need to do an experiment with different builds and techniques in order to find which one suits you best. Here are some tips to get you started in the right direction:

First of all, cut your wicks so that they just enter the top of the wick ports and tank. Also, when you're vaping, try tilting your tank a little more, which will help to better saturate your wicks, and keep your vaping dry hit free! Besides, you'd better not use too much or too little cotton. It has to be just right. In addition, make sure to comb out your wicks and fluff them up appropriately so that the wicks can have a better performance. Last but not least, for a better, more flavorful vaping experience, you'd better position your coils so that the bottom and sides align with the airflow slots. 

Are RDTAs suitable for me? 
Now you have a basic understanding of RDTAs and how they work. Then you may ask, "Are RDTAs suitable for me?" Well, if you are not a starter and want a vape tank that has a similar performance to that of an RDA but don't want to drip onto your coils regularly, RDTAs are the best option. However, if you are a new vapor, we suggest you can begin with the RDA first because RDAs usually have a larger space for new DIY users and are easy to clean as well. After you have gained sufficient experience of building and wicking, then you can get an RDTA.