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RDA stands for the abbreviation of rebuildable dripping atomizer. It’s usually suitable for advanced DIY vapers. There is no tank as an e-liquid reservoir. Because of different structures, some RDAs excel in flavor, while others in clouds. Buybest.com has some popular RDA devices like Geekvape Tsunami RDA, IJOY COMBO RDA.

RDA 101
What is an RDA? 

RDA stands for rebuildable dripping atomizer. Just as its name suggests, the RDA is a rebuildable atomizer made for dripping e-juice directly onto its exposed coils. A typical RDA includes a build deck and build posts at the bottom of the atomizer, where users can wrap and mount their coils.

RDAs are unique because they don't have a tank section like RTAs and RDTAs. Instead, at the bottom of the build deck, RDAs have a reservoir to hold e-liquid, and the tails of the wick are placed into the reservoir. Typically, the reservoir doesn't have too much capacity, so in order to keep the wicks from getting dry, the users have to add e-liquid continuously.

Cloud Chasing RDA vs Flavor Chasing RDA
RDAs come in a variety of sizes and styles. However, based on their performance, RDAs can be divided into cloud chasing RDAs and flavor chasing RDAs. How do you tell the difference between a cloud chasing RDA and a flavor chasing RDA?

Typically, cloud chasing RDAs have enough room for two or more coils of heavy mass and large diameter like Claptons. These RDAs also come with huge airflow to produce immense, thick clouds, and usually direct-to-lung vapers prefer cloud RDAs.

Flavor chasing RDAs, on the other hand, have less airflow and work best for a restricted direct lung, or even a mouth-to-lung vaping. Compared with cloud chasing RDAs, flavor chasing RDAs are often smaller, usually 22mm in diameter or even less and can only hold one or two coils.

The Advantages of RDAs 
One of the most significant advantages of RDAs is that they can create dense, satisfying vape clouds. Besides, with an RDA, you can try new e-liquids quickly, without having to switch your vape tank. As you drip the e-juice onto the coil and wick directly, you can simply move on to the next flavor when you want to try a new e-liquid. Thirdly, compared with RTAs and RDTAs, RDAs are much easier to wick.

What you need to take in account when buying an RDA? 
Finding the best RDA for your needs is not easy. Here are some basic things you need to take into account when purchasing an RDA.


First of all, the number of posts and holes. Most of the RDAs today tend to have a two-post, Velocity style design, with two holes in each post, which makes them perfect as dual coil RDAs, and offer as much flexibility to vapers.  However, most RDAs in the past had three posts, two on the either side of the deck and one in the middle. Actually, three-post designs are OK too. But if you only want a single coil RDA, the number of holes in the post isn’t as important.

Secondly, the airflow. If you’re a cloud chaser and want to find an RDA for cloud chasing, RDAs with bigger airflow slots are better as bigger airflow usually means more clouds. However, if you want to find an RDA for excellent flavor, you'd better choose an RDA which has less airflow and is suitable for a restricted direct-to-lung, or even a mouth-to-lung vaping style.

Thirdly, ease of use. When it comes to ease of use, most RDAs are pretty good. However, in order to make coil building easier, bigger decks, bigger post holes, a two-post, Velocity-style layout and little extras such as thumb-screws are still something you need to take into account.

Fourthly, check the RDA reviews. If you want to find out about the quality of a certain RDA, the best way is to check the reviews of that RDA. You can find many reviews of a certain RDA from seasoned vapers and YouTube influencers online.

Are RDAs suitable for you? 
If you're interested in building coils yourself and want to pursue excellent flavors and impressive clouds, RDAs are just what you are looking for. If they are built correctly, you will enjoy the best performance that vaping can provide. However, if building coils is not your thing, we suggest you should try sub-ohm tanks as many of them can perform as well as RDAs. But when you’re ready, give RDAs a try as well. We guarantee that the results will make you wonder why you didn't try them earlier!