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Pre-built Coils

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You don't need to use DIY tool to make coils. Pre-built coils are convenient alternatives. There are different types such as staggered coils, fused Clapton coils alike. And you can choose different materials like Kanthal, SS wire, Nichrome, and Titanium. There are varying ohms for the replacement coil for your selection. Get your pre-made coils at buybest.com.


Pre-built Coil 101
Pre-built coil vs. DIY coil

To be able to vape, you need a vaping device in the form of a tank or dripper such as RDAs, RTAs, and RDTAs. The tank and dripper require a coil which is supposed to heat up and convert your e-liquid into vapor. Usually, you can build your own coils with the help of DIY tools. However, if you are reluctant to do that, you can buy pre-built coils produced by many famous vape manufacturers.

Types of Pre-built Coil 
Pre-built coils typically come in a variety of shapes and types. Clapton coils fused Clapton coils, staggered fused Clapton coils, alien Clapton coils, staple coils, framed staple coils, tiger coils, and hive coils are the pre-built coils that can be commonly found on the market today.

Clapton Coil
A Clapton coil is a thinner gauge wire which is tightly wrapped around a thicker gauge core. Compared with round wire builds, Clapton coils have a slower ramp up time. However, because of their increased surface area and texture, they are more flavorful. Many mouth-to-lung vapers prefer to use them as they are suitable for mouth-to-lung vaping but they are typically more popular when it comes to sub-ohm vaping.

The Features of Clapton Coils 
1. They have various resistances from less than 1 ohm to more than 1 ohm.
2. They are available in diameters and resistances for most RDAs and RTAs.
3. They are available in power mode, mainly in Kanthal, SS, or nichrome, and TC wire types, mainly in SS.
4. They usually have a lower ramp up time compared to single-strand wire having the same resistance.

Fused Clapton Coil
Unlike the Clapton coil we've just mentioned above, a fused Clapton is a thinner gauge wire that is wrapped around two or more thicker parallel gauge cores. The multiple cores enable the fused Clapton coils to have a faster ramp up time and better flavor compare with non-fused Clapton coils as the surface area increases.

The Features of Fused Clapton Coils 
1. They have a series of resistances that can be used for both mouth-to-lung vaping and direct-to-lung vaping.
2. Just like the Clapton coils above, they are available in diameters and resistances for most of the RDAs, RTAs and RDTAs.
3. Compared to the standard Clapton coils with the same resistance, their ramp-up time is generally faster.

Staggered Fused Clapton Coil
A staggered fused Clapton is a thinner gauge wire that is wrapped around a dual Clapton core, thus creating an additional texture and surface area and gives Fused Clapton Coils a slower ramp-up time, but they have a better flavor compared to the standard fused Clapton we've mentioned above.

The Features of Staggered Fused Clapton Coils  
1. They come in low resistances for the aim of DTL vaping.
2. As Staggered Fused Clapton Coils are thick, they need very large post holes or a clamp-style deck.
3. Compared to the fused Clapton coils with the same resistance, their ramp-up time is slower.

Alien Clapton Coil 
An alien Clapton is a de-cored Clapton that is wrapped around three or more parallel cores. Alien Clapton Coils are similar to a fused Clapton coil, but their outer wrap has a very unique texture. Compared with fused Clapton coils, their ramp-up time is slower because Alien Clapton Coils have a larger surface area.

The Features of Alien Clapton Coils  
1.    They come in low resistances so they are suitable for sub-ohm vaping.
2.    As they are thick, you need to use them on a deck having very large post holes or on a clamp-style deck.
3.    Compared with fused Clapton coils with the same resistance, they are slower in ramp-up time.

Staple Coil
A staple coil is a thinner gauge strand which is wrapped around 8 to 10 flat ribbon wires. It has a faster ramp-up time because of the stacked ribbon cores. Between the wraps, you can find tiny grooves which trap e-liquid and enhance its flavor.

The Features of Staple Coils 
1.    They usually have low resistance, which is great for DTL vaping.
2.    They are thick, so you need to use them on the deck with very large post holes or on a clamp-style deck.
3.    Compared with the fused Clapton coils with the same resistance, they are quicker in ramp-up time.

Framed Staple Coil
As a cross between the staple and the fused clapton, Framed Staple Coil consists of stacked ribbon wire framed by round wire, fused together, or “Claptonized” by thinner round wire. Within the wire, the different cores create spaces, giving it a better flavor compared with a standard staple.

The Features of Framed Staple Coil 
1.    They are low in resistance, perfect for DTL vaping. 
2.    They are very thick, so you'd better use them on decks with large post holes or on a clamp-style deck. 
3.    Compared to regular staple coils with the same resistance, they are quicker in the ramp up time. 

Tiger Coil 
A tiger coil is a twisted coil that contains a single round strand and a single flat ribbon strand. Compared to a standard twisted coil, twisting two differently shaped wires gives it more pockets and grooves, resulting in more heat and denser vapor, making it taste better than single-strand builds.

The Features of Tiger Coils 
1.    Though tiger coils are low in resistance, they can still be used for both DTL and MTL vaping. 
2.    Compared with twisted coils, they are a little thicker but still can be used on most standard build decks. 
3.    They usually are slower in ramp-up time compared with single-strand coils but quicker than regular twisted coils. 

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