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Light-Up Toys

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Light Up & Flash Toys

Light-Up Toys are toys that glow and shine, such as glow pillows and light sticks. Some light-up toys rely on certain external forces, such as electronic light-emitting toys, it is necessary to rely on batteries, LED light-emitting toys, to use LED lights to light. The luminous toy can also be called a flash toy. Simply put, it is a device that can be made to shine for children. Light-up toys are usually made of non-toxic and environmentally-friendly plastics. The interiors are filled with light-emitting substances or light bulbs that emit colorful flashes that are very likely to attract children's attention. The surface of the Light-up toys is sleek, without any protrusions, and it will not scratch the delicate skin of the children. It is an ideal tool for children to play and play.