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DIY Tools

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Types of DIY tools are essential for DIY coiling. You can buy a vape tool kit including almost everything like ohm reader, coiling tool, pliers, folding scissors, screwdriver, wires, tweezers and so on. Or you can buy one single tool separately. Buybest.com also has Japanese Organic Vape Cotton for DIY vapers.


DIY Tools for Vaping
If you are a vaper and want to try building coils by yourself instead of buying them from a vape store, you should have the right DIY tools. With the help of DIY tools, making your own coils is just a breeze and a lot more enjoyable.

So what are DIY tools? 
If you are new to rebuilding, you'd better take a moment to learn what DIY tools are. In fact, DIY tools are a collection of tools which you need to start building and installing coils in rebuildable atomizers such as RDAs, RTAs and RDTAs.

Essential DIY Tools for Coil Building 
Essential DIY tools are crucial when you’re planning on building for your favorite RDA or RTA. Without them, you cannot build or install your coils successfully or you may find it really hard to build or install coils. 

First of all, the ceramic tweezers. These DIY tools are non-conductive so they will enable you to strum your coils when you are looking for hot spots along with the needle-tip tweezers. They are of great help when you are placing your cotton inside the wicking channel or the e-juice well of your dripper. There are also flush cutters. Flush cutters are an ideal DIY tool to cut your coil leads flush with the build posts. There are coil rods too. Coil rods can bring you a lot more convenience when you are wrapping your own coils. Typically, coil rods have a variety or diameters to meet your different needs. Last but not least, the scissors. You will find the scissors in every coil building tool kit as they are very helpful for a lot of things, especially when you are cutting the trails of your wicks. Generally, the scissors with smaller size allow for more precise cuts.

Non-essential DIY Tools for Coil Building 
Compared with the essential DIY Tools, non-essential DIY Tools refer to the tools which are not absolutely needed when building and installing your coils. However, with them, you will find coil building becomes much easier and more enjoyable.

Firstly, the Ohm reader. Ohm reader is a very useful tool when it comes to coil building. However, most of the modern regulated mods available on the market today would do the trick. Secondly, the pliers. The pliers are a good DIY tool to have. However, they are not absolutely needed when you build and install your coils, though most kits would come with them. Thirdly, the screwdrivers. As far as I know, most of, if not all, the rebuildable atomizers like RDAs, RTAs and RDTAs come with screwdrivers which can be compatible with them, but larger screwdrivers are always good to have. Finally, the wire. The wire is rarely included in tool kits. However, it is very helpful and can be used as a backup when you run out of wire.

Best Coil Building Kits on the Market Today 
Usually, coil building kits consist of a selection of the essential DIY tools you need when building coils in your re-buildable. Here is a list of the best coil building kits you should take into consideration if you want to get the best quality DIY tools. 

Coil Master DIY Kit V3
This kit comes with everything you need when building and installing coils. The products of Coil Master enjoy a high reputation and are considered as the best quality DIY tools on the market today.  

Geekvape Mini Tool Kit
This is a set of all the essential DIY tools for coil building, featuring screwdrivers, coiling kit, pliers, and scissors, etc. 

Coil Master DIY Kit Mini V2
We highly recommend the Coil Master Kit Mini V2 as each DIY tool of this kit is specifically designed and manufactured for coil rebuilding and coil maintenance. 

Wotofo Vape Tool Kit
As a builder's dream, Wotofo Vape kit features tons of DIY tools you need to build and install your coils. This kit consists of everything you need during coil building such as scissors, cutters, pliers, screwdrivers and tweezers.

DirectVapor Coil Tool Kit
As one of the must-have kits for rebuildable atomizers, this kit provides all the DIY tools needed for rebuilding atomizers. In addition to the standard tools needed for RBA's, you can also find a hand bag, organic Japanese cotton sheets and Kanthal wire in this kit!