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Cartomizers are usually made of metal or glass/plastic, the transparent plastic or pyrex glass tank can also be named as clearomizer. There are disposable cartridges with atomizers built into cartomizers, and they are built into a larger cylindrical tank storing a different amount of e-liquid. Hope Buybest.com could become your one-stop vaping devices shopping destination where most new and hot cartomizers are included.


Cartomizer 101
What is a cartomizer? 

A cartomizer is a vaping device which attaches to the end of a battery. In a typical cigalike e-cigarette, you will have two major components: the battery and the cartomizer. The name cartomizer comes from the combination of the “cartridge” and “atomizer.”  In general, cartomizers are pre-filled and replaceable. You can find several different types of cartomizers on the market now and each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

How do cartomizers work? 
Compared with atomizers, cartomizers are usually longer in size, so they are often described as extended atomizers. The wicking material of cartomizers is usually polyester fiberfill, commonly known as polyfill, which is a kind of cotton-like fiber used to hold e-juice.

At present, most of the cartomizers on the market are dual coil though there are some single coil ones available. Cartomizers are able to hold about 10 drops of e-juice, so you can vape for quite a while without having to refill. When the flavor starts to fade, you need to refill the cartomizer or simply throw it away and buy a new one. Filling the cartomizers can be painful as it means tipping the cartomizer at an angle so as not to fill the air hole.

The cartomizers are not as popular and widely used nowadays as they used to be before. Thanks to the rapid development of e-cigarette technology, most of the atomizers today are able to hold as much or even more e-juice than the cartomizers without the awkward refilling problem.

The Advantages & Drawbacks of Cartomizers
One of the obvious advantages of cartomizers is that they are super easy to use. They are just as convenient as disposable cartridges. As cartomizers are usually pre-filled, before vaping on them, you need to do the following two steps: first, screw your cartomizer onto the battery; then, press the fire button while you are inhaling. Seriously, you have nothing else to do. When the amount of clouds of your cartomizer starts to decrease, it is time to discard it and buy a new one.  This is great for people who don't want to bother to keep refilling themselves.

Furthermore, the performance of cartomizers is much better compared with conventional disposable cartridges. First of all, cartomizers are more consistent in cloud production than conventional disposable cartridges. Secondly, unlike cartridges, cartomizers do not leak. Therefore, it is more convenient to travel with cartomizers than with traditional disposable cartridges.

The cartomizers can produce decent clouds. Some cartomizers can even produce enough clouds to match the amount of clouds that some more seasoned vapers can produce while dripping. But they need less work than dripping.
Like everything else, the cartomizers also have their own drawbacks.

The main problem is the cost, which is two to three times that of conventional disposable cartridges. Another drawback of cartomizers is that they have the same problem as disposable cartridges in terms of the efficient use of all the available e-liquids. The third and potentially biggest drawback of the pre-filled cartomizers is the lack of choice in e-juice flavors compared with RDAs. However, if you are the type of person who chooses a flavor and uses it for a long period of time, than the lack of choice in e-juice flavors may not bother you.

Are cartomizers outdated?
As the cartomizers have so many drawbacks, some of you may ask, "Are the cartomizers outdated?" Like everything else today, new technologies are evolving rapidly and the same goes for e-cigarettes. Just as their name suggests, cartomizers combine the atomizers and the cartridges, which is seemingly a natural progression for the technology because they allow for a favorable compromise between the atomizers and the cartridges.

Compared with the traditional disposable cartridges, the cartomizers perform much better because they do not leak as easily, are more convenient to travel with and can produce decent clouds.

So are cartomizers suitable for you?
If you are a person who doesn't want to bother yourself with constant refilling and does not mind the lack of choice in e-liquid flavors, then the cartomizers may be a good choice. However, if you don't want to spend too much money on vaping and want to enjoy vaping in a more economical way, then you should think twice before you purchase cartomizers.