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Bluetooth Speaker

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Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Our BlueTooth Speaker are equipped with advanced technology and compatible with most Bluetooth compacity devices. You can experience your music in full-bodied stereo realized through high-performance drivers. Having high quality loudspeakers and excellent bass and just enjoy the music from a deceivingly small package.

Bluetooth Speakers are loudspeakers which depend on Bluetooth to transmit audio data to the receiving speaker. A super capacity Bluetooth speaker can not only bring the super long and free listening experience, but also a more amazing auditory experience. With a small body, it can be taken to all parts of the world and enjoyed by hearing and vision at any time. Compatible with 99% of Bluetooth devices, systems and apps as well as mobile phones, tablets and laptops with Bluetooth function on the market.

Good sound quality
The speaker produces excellent sound quality, if you play it on full volume, it sounds like you having a house party. You will be satisfied when keeping its volume under 6, it has a warmer overall sound, great bass and decent mids and highs. Its Extra Bass feature enhances low-end tones and gives the bass a boost. Considering how powerful it is, the compact size is a plus. You can enhance your music experience as it offers an immersive audio clarity. It also helps reduce background noise and distortion so you can make crystal-clear phone calls.

Waterproof design lets you have no worries, it still working safely whether accidently fall into the water or get wet by the rain.

Portable device
A hand size, potable to carry, it can be hung out of the bag when traveling and hiking, put it back into the bag when not using, enjoy music anytime and anywhere. This wireless speaker ensures an immersive audio clarity while its compact and lightweight design makes it the perfect travel companion. You can also carry it to your friend’s place for game nights for an incredible gaming session. All you have to do is connect your gaming console to this speaker via Bluetooth for crystal-clear sound.

Easy connectivity
Bluetooth connectivity is super easy, it connects from one device to another effortlessly, you don’t have to press a button on the speaker to pair it with a different device.

Battery life
You have different battery size to choose in accordance with you demand. Smaller speakers require less battery power so they can run for a long period on a smaller battery size, generally battery life is about 7 hours at 60% volume, and it will be less at higher volumes.

Good selection at a decent price
Best cheap Bluetooth speakers under $20, best budget portable speakers you can have, it produces pretty good sound at a pretty good volume, it is the best sound you’ll get for under $20. An easy gift purchase for a friend, so inexpensive so you are not really mind if it got damaged or broken, however sad of a statement that is.

Best traveling and party companion
Carry this compact and lightweight speaker with you wherever you go and make every event a party by playing dance-worthy songs. Some speakers give you the option to answer the call from a different room than your phone and speak to the caller via a built-in microphone. This speaker features a water-resistant design and has a powerful battery that let you go all day and let you party by the poolside without any worries.