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How to clean vape tanks?
Why clean your vape tanks?

A clean vape is a happy vape. Cleaning the vape tank is the easiest way to enjoy the best performance from your vaping device. As you know, after vaping for some time, you will find the residue will accumulate in your vape tank and the buildup will eventually have a negative influence on the performance of it. Besides, VG and other flavorings found in the e-juice are notorious for gunking up coils and a gunked up coil will have poor flavor and less vapor production, making the vape taste burnt. Although you have changed the coil head, you can still taste the flavor from your last juice in your vape tank. This is especially true when it comes to some dominant flavors such as tobacco, coffee, and menthol.


Then how to clean a vape tank – 4 methods? 
Since cleaning the vape tank is very necessary, so how to clean a vape tank? Fortunately, cleaning a vape tank isn't as difficult as you might think. Here are four simple and super easy ways to clean your vape tank.


Using Pure Water to Clean the Tank 
If your vape tank is relatively clean, warm water will do the trick. You need to take the tank apart and separate the parts. Then put each part under running water and use a piece of paper towel to dry them. After that, you can let them dry until no water is visible.


However, if you haven't cleaned your vape tank for some time, you may need to add additional steps. Firstly, take a cup, fill it with water and put it in the microwave to heat it for about two minutes. Meanwhile, you need to rinse all parts of your vape tank under the sink. After that, take the cup out of the microwave and put all parts of the tank in it. Let it sit until the water cools, and then let your tank rinse under the sink for the last time. Gently dry your vape tank with a paper towel. Finally, let them dry completely.


Using Pure PG to Clean the Tank 
In addition to using water, you can also clean your vape tank with pure PG (propylene glycol) as it is very effective at removing any residual odor in the tank. You just need to fill a cup with pure PG and let your disassembled tank sit there for one or two hours. However, do not use VG because it is much thicker than PG and would make it more difficult to clean your vape tank.


After that, you need to stand your tank on a napkin to let it drip dry. As PG is an excellent flavor carrier, this is an excellent method to remove the residual flavor.


Using Cleaning Agent to Clean the Tank 
However, if you are not satisfied with the results of the two cleaning methods that I have mentioned above and want better results, you can choose to use the cleaning agent to clean your vape tank.


You can use baking soda, which is a great cleaning agent that can be used to get your tank sparking again. You can also use ethanol, which is also known as grain alcohol, as another effective cleaner. Another very effective cleaning agent is vinegar. However, after use, you need to rinse your tank thoroughly to prevent its lingering odor. The last effective cleaning agent is cheap vodka. It is not a household item, but you can probably buy it from a grocery store. It works very well and does cost you too much.


Using Ultrasonic Cleaner to Clean the Tank 
If you are still not satisfied with the results of the cleaning agents and want to get the most thorough cleaning of your vape tanks, an ultrasonic cleaner is highly recommended. Ultrasonic cleaners are usually used to clean jewelry and other precious metals, but now they are used by vapers around the world to clean their vape tanks.


It is very simple to use to an ultrasonic cleaner. You just need to fill it with water and run it until it cleans all the parts of your vape tank. You can also add a few drops of dish-washing liquid to the ultrasonic cleaner for even better results. After that, just rinse your vape tank again and let it dry.


Best Vape Atomizer Tank

There 6 kinds of vape tanks. They are Refillable Cartridge tank, Sub-Ohm Tank, Rebuildable Dripper Atomizer(RDA), Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA), Rebuildable Dripper Tank Atomizer (RDTA), Genesis Tank Atomizer (GTA). Buybest covers all types of Vapor Atomizers, suitable for people chasing for huge vapor production or flavor performance. Besides, customers have wide diameters choices ranging from 14mm all the way up to a 32.5mm. It won't let you down even you seek wide building space. As to tank capacities, Buybest has small juice tank capacities as low as 1.5ml complying with TPD policy, or as big as 12ml for vapors chasing for a huge tank. All vape tanks in high quality and reasonable price,BuyBest offer many well-known brand tanks like Smok, Eleaf, Wismec, Geekvape, IJOY, Aspire, Joyetech and many other brands. Hope you can get your favorite atomizers at BuyBest.


Vapor Atomizers
An Atomizer is just a device that converts e-liquid into vapor form. It's being related to the vape industry these days because of their extensive use in vape devices. It's more or less a resistance coil that is heated up to produce mist. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and usability. Some are disposable whereas some can be rebuilt and be used again. Atomizers/coils are containers that have metal wires in them, and the resistance of wires is calculated in Ohms.

Atomizers are usually divided into 4 categories:
Coil Head: Coil's heads are generally used and throw. They are factory built, with the cotton and coils inside a small cylinder or a metal device. These need to be wicked usually and adequately last up to 7 days, depending totally on the vaping habits. The Prebuilt / Coil Head atomizers come in a lot of range of resistance. There are a lot of advantages of using pre-built coils, as they are no hassle, plug and play, and very easy to use. However, if you are someone who keeps on switching the flavors, then it won't be very advisable, as they need to be replaced every time you change flavors.

RDA: If you are totally into building coils yourself, love experimenting, switch a lot of flavors, then this is the device for you. Very easy to use, only a little practice is needed to know how to build coils. They are excellent for intense flavor or max clouds. Totally your own wish as to what you want to do.

Biggest Con, you need to carry the bottles of E-Liquid with you everywhere. They need a lot of liquid, and you need to keep wicking them at all times.

RTA: These are "Rebuildable Tank Atomizers." A most significant difference between them and RDA is that these have tanks that are capable of storing liquid. Rest these are same as RDA. You can build and customize your coils, get the intense flavor, get intense clouds, get anything and everything that you want out of your device.

RBA: RBA, Rebuildable Atomizers. They mean a device that can be rebuilt. We get this option on a lot of tanks wherein they are shipped with pre-built coils and an RBA section.

Atomizers are nothing else but a device that helps us to get the flavor out of e-liquids and the vapor. Coils are the heating element inside the atomizers. There's a lot of technical difference between the two, but we in the vaping world usually consider them the same. There's a lot to be learned regarding resistance and the wattage, and the battery consumption, which we will cover in our later section. For now, we wish you happy vaping.

How do atomizers work?
An atomizer consists of a heating coil that is powered by the battery, a bridge, and a wick. The atomizer is the component that heats the coil and warms the e-juice vape flavor. Once the e-juice becomes hot enough, it turns into a vapor that users inhale.

In other words, it is atomizer that is responsible for producing the perfect balance of rich taste and delicious flavor of different e-liquids.

How long do tanks last?
Atomizers, cartomizers or clearomizers do not last forever. They wear out after a few weeks or months of usage. They need to be replaced every two weeks or longer depending upon the usage. While some can last for a longer period such as 3 months, some last for 12 - 14 days or less.

It makes sense not to rely on only one single atomizer. It is a good idea to keep a stock of replacement atomizers in hand so that you can replace them when required. Replacement atomizers cartomizers and clearomizers are the same as the original ones.

How to clean and maintain atomizers?
To enjoy a great taste from different vape flavors, vapers need to take good care of atomizers. Regular, thorough cleaning of atomizers only helps extend their life and avoid that burning taste. While some e-hookah users clean their atomizers once a day or every alternate day; some do it weekly.

There are different ways to clean atomizers or clearomizers. You can either blow into an atomizer and allow it to dry keeping it upside down on a paper towel. The other way is to soak the atomizer in hot water for about some time and let it air dry on a paper towel overnight. This is up to the users what method is the most convenient for them.

If you don't clean e-cigarette atomizers on a regular basis, the wicks and heating coils can burn out much faster. By routinely cleaning and maintaining the atomizer tank and atomizer head, users get to experience better e-liquid flavor and taste.

Atomizers can get quite hot when in constant use. Hence it is advised to handle them with caution especially immediately after use. In order to enjoy great taste and flavor of e-liquid, it is best to keep your electronic cigarettes and atomizers in excellent condition.

BuyBest with its experience brings you the best of vape products assorted especially for your needs. BuyBest is an E-commerce retailer, this gives you the best quality vapor atomizer and small consumer electronics, directly imported from the manufacturers and controlled and we also guarantee the quality of the products we supply. Get your Best Vape Atomizer Tank Online now! 



Age Policy of BuyBest
Warning! BuyBest contains information about e-cigarettes, which contain nicotine, an addictive substance. You must be over the legal smoking age and comply with the laws and regulations about vape devices of the state and country where you live now to access BuyBest.

You must be over the legal age of smoking in the state and country in which you live now, in order to buy any e-cigarette device from BuyBest. It is a serious violation of law to falsify your age in order to buy vape devices from BuyBest and will be punished by the law of your state or country. The purchase of vape products on behalf of minors is also banned and will be severely punished by law. BuyBest reserves all the rights to request proof of identity at our sole discretion.

By buying vape devices at BuyBest, you are confirming that you are above the legal age of smoking in the state and country where you live. BuyBest reserves all the rights to reject any order if BuyBest thinks it is placed by a child. It is a criminal offense to provide a false declaration under penalties of perjury.

The Verification of Age
BuyBest reserves all the rights to employ the age verification system from a third-party under federal law. BuyBest reserves all the rights to require proof of identity if it is necessary.

You must be over the legal age of smoking in the state and country where you live now to get and use a credit card to buy e-cigarette devices from BuyBest. If the credit card verification is not sufficient, BuyBest may ask for to check your ID card. BuyBest will ask you to fax or e-mail a clear copy of your ID, which can clearly show your age as well as your shipping address. BuyBest will ask for a signed authorization note along with a clear copy of your ID card. If the appropriate identification cannot be given within the appropriate time, BuyBest will cancel your order. If your orders are fraudulent orders, BuyBest may report them to the local government within your vicinity.

Reject or Limit Service
Because of the Internet sales' nature, BuyBest reserves all the rights to refuse to provide any service to anybody. If you feel your refusal of service is not necessary, you can contact the customer service team of BuyBest at service@buybest.com.

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