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Vape All in One Kits

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Vape All-in-one Kit is a sound choice for new vapers who start to switching to vaping. It contains a mouthpiece, atomizer, batteries (or built-in battery) and a charger. It's also popular for vapers who have vaped for years, because of their conveniences and versatile choices. Buybest.com is proud to be your first choice of vape AIO kit. Here you could see types of vaporizers, mod kits, starter kits featuring TC, VV, sub ohm, etc to get you started. At BuyBest you can get reasonable and best all-in-one vape kits, all kits in fast delivery.


AIO (All-In-One) Vapes 101
What is an AIO Vape?

An AIO (All-In-One) is a vape in a compact, usually single-piece design, which comes with everything one needs to vape. As one of the easiest vapes to operate, the AIO vapes are very popular among both newbies and experienced vapers. Newbies like the AIOs as they are the best way to get started, while seasoned vapers like the AIOs because they are a quick way to vape.

How to use an AIO Vape? 
If you haven't used an AIO vape before, you can follow the instructions below to get a vape without any problems. It is very simple. First of all, prime your coil with some drops of e-juice. Then, put it in the tank and fill the tank. After that, wait a few minutes to let the coil saturate. Finally, set the airflow of your vape if it is adjustable, press the fire button and enjoy. If your AIO vape has the features of wattage or voltage adjustability, you can start with the lower setting until you find a way that works best for you.

AIO Vapes vs. Pod Vapes
The AIO vapes come with replaceable coils rather than cartridges, which means the vapers only need to replace the coil when the performance of the AIO vapes drops, instead of having to buy a new pod. Compared with many pod systems which come pre-filled with e-liquid, AIO vapes allow the vapers to fill them with their choice of e-juice.

When it comes to performance, AIO Vapes perform a little better than pod vapes currently. Compared to the tiny coils which are fitted inside cartridges, the coils of AIOs usually have a better performance. Pod systems usually require higher nicotine strength e-liquid, usually in the form of nicotine salts, while a good number of AIO vapes come equipped with sub-ohm coils which allow users to vape with lower nicotine concentrations. 

However, pod vapes have outperformed AIO vapes in terms of ease of use. Though one important feature of AIO vapes is that they are quite easy to operate, it just can't beat the convenience of a pre-filled cartridge of pod systems. With a pod system, what you need to do is just pop it in, vape, and replace it with a new cartridge when you run out it. Therefore, a pod system is the best choice if you want to get the most user-friendly experience. However, if you prefer a better performance along with more choices in the e-juices, then an AIO vape is exactly what you need.

Why AIO Vapes? 
AIO vapes are very popular among vapers as they have tons of advantages.

To begin with, the size. Most of the AIO Vapes comes with a compact size and can be put in your pocket or even purse, which makes them perfect for vaping while you're walking around.

As I have mentioned above, one of the most remarkable features of AIO vapes is that they are easy to operate. For many newbies, learning about vape devices can be intimidating. However, AIO vapes have all the components included in the body, which new users can vape without hassle. So if you are after a hassle-free vape, the best all in one kit will not let you down.

Another important benefit of vaping with an AIO is that when used in a proper way, they are almost always leaking free because the tank is built in. So you don't have to worry about the leaking problems with an AIO. Of course, overfilling will lead to leaks, so it is still important to be careful when you fill your AIO vapes.

The last benefit of using AIO vapes is the cost. Compared with vaping with a more complicated box mod, vaping with AIO vapes can be more economical as they can't be easily modified, thus, having less associated costs.

How to clean an AIO Vape Coil?
When cleaning the coils of an AIO vape, you need to gently rub it using a cotton swab with a bit of isopropyl alcohol. Make sure the coils are completely dry before you use them again. However, you should bear in mind that the coils are not meant to be used permanently so you need to replace them when the vape starts to taste burnt. Have you got how to choose the best all in one kit?

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